6/7/2018 - Beautiful Day

First off, I have no clue why no one posts trip reports anymore, but I miss reading them so I'm going to write one!

My wife, 2 year old daughter and I, left Pittsburgh yesterday around 5 after deciding to stay at the Breaker's Wednesday and Thursday night. We haven't ventured up by ourselves with the little one, we usually bring along a grandparent or two to help with her. I was a bit nervous with just two of us but figured with parent swap we could still get a few rides in, with Steel Vengeance being my only must ride since it is our first trip this year. Had dinner at Danny Boys on Milan Road (get their home made cookies for dessert) then ventured over to the resort. I must say, even though I've been coming to the park since I was 2, that view never gets old. I get just as excited at 32 as I did at 10, we really do have a special place here!

We arrived at the resorts gate around 8:40 for early entry. To my surprise, it wasn't as packed as I have seen it in the past. We obviously decided to try to use early entry for SV so we headed to the back of the park. Sadly, we first found SV down, then Maverick, then Millennium Force down. Early entry was a bust. Managed to grab a quick ride on Valravn and Gatekeeper though. Got to Raptor right as the general public was entering and checked that off the list.

We spent most of the day letting our daughter ride and man, as someone who considers himself as big of a ride warrior as anyone, seeing the joy on her face brought so much happiness to me. I hopped in line for SV around 12 and waited a bit over two hours. Very solid ride and a great addition to the park. I thought the MCBR was really grabbing and made the second half of the ride a bit less intense then what Ive seen on video or read about. The airtime was still plentiful and more than enough for me! Would not wait more than hour for this one again though. Maverick still stands as my favorite in the park, followed by MF and then probably SV.

Manged to hit all of the coasters except Gemini, Blue Streak, Corkscrew and CCMR all while letting our daughter ride a ton as well. It was an excellent day at the park capped off with dinner at Friday's and a nice employee sharing a Hawainn Lei from the big employee beach party with my daughter. Huge props to maintenance for being able to get everything running and to Cedar Point in general for having such awesome policies like parent swap!


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