5/16 Trip Report - had a great time!

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Hi all,

Just got back from spending a Sunday at CP. Had a great time!

Drove up the Causeway at about 12:30, no traffic at all! Got parked, went through security, got scanned in and through the gate with no trouble.

The park was BUSY. You still have to wear masks in the stores, but not outdoors. About 10% of people did anyway.

Frontier Town was packed. Like, middle-of-the-summer packed. You had to thread your way through the crowds from the train station to the trail. If I hadn't been fully vaccinated I probably wouldn't even have attempted it.

The weather was perfect! It was cloudy when we got there, but the sun came out and it warmed right up.

All the CP staff were friendly and courteous.

Did a lot of walking around, only rode one ride, the Cedar Downs. An old favorite!

The lines for food were INSANE. Did not eat in the park and I'm glad we didn't. I'm sure it's because of staffing issues but I didn't see any food service areas that didn't have a huge long line.

Had to wait to get into Sweet Spot to try a macaron. $3.25 each, I got the "150th Anniversary Vanilla Bean." Very tasty! Not sure I'd get one again, especially not with a wait to get into the store. But I understand having to take precautions.

The Sky Ride wasn't operating; my guess is either mechanical issues, or a staffing problem.

Wanted to stop at the McDonalds on the Causeway on the way out to grab dinner, but for some reason the door was locked despite many signs saying the dining room was "now open." There were cars going through the drive-thru so I know the restaurant was open, but there was no way to get in. Oh well.

Looking forward to going back later in the year when more stuff is open and the park is open longer!

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6/16? You have a time machine? 🤣

I think they are closed that day.

I fixed it. You smart alecks!! :-)

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