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Well my trip finnally came. My cousin (28 y.o.) Michelle and I (15 y.o) traveled to Cedar Point. Well with her driving we got there in about an hour and a half. We had already gotten the tickets from AAA so we were pretty much set to get in the park.
The crowd was average. I saw Millennium Force and it was huge but it wasn't running. Later we read a sign that said it wouldn't open until noon. In tradition we rode Demon Drop first. It was about a 30 minute wait. When it was finnally out turn and we were at the top, I counted, "3-2-1" and a second after that we fell to the earth and turned on our backs. It was a great wake up.
Michelle wanted to ride Raptor for the first time. The line said 1 3/4 wait. We waited about an hour and a half. I told her about B&M coasters and how you cannot see anything if you are not in the front. We chose the front. I had never done if before so I was excited. The flight was off the hook. I had a lot of fun, my cousin thought it was okay.
After getting off, we took a journey over to Mantis, The line was very long and Millennium Force probable had half of the parks population in its queue. We didn't want to wait that long and so we went over to Magnum XL-200. It wasn't a long wait because the line was always moving. Of course we sat in the back because it is the best seat. The ride was great. In my book it is no. 1.
After Magnum we traveled to Mean Streak. The line was not long but it was slow. Michelle and I made a bet to see which train we would ride in, I said Green she said Ride, who ever lost had to pay the turnpike. I WON I WON I WON. Now all I have to say is people who don't like Mean Streak are some haters. The ride is sweet. I wouldn't want Mean Streak to be smooth. If it was it just wouldn't give me that Bang.
After that great ride we were going to Millennium Force. The wait of course was 4 hours long. We enter the queue. I have to say I am very disappointed with the way the ride is ran. In the 30 minutes we were in line I think the train came around 3 or 4 times. We both said forget it because the ride kept breaking down. They did have the yellow train up and it was quiet, in fact the whole ride is quiet. It was only the fact that it was ran so bad. Maybe next summer but No ride is worth 4 hours (4 hours not counting the break down time).
After that crap we went over to Mantis. Hour and a half. We rode in the back again, the ride was okay. I think it broke something in my knee though. Michelle wanted to ride POWER TOWER, turbo drop. I didn't because that is one ride I don't like because of the dropping feeling. We went over to it anyway. Now when we got in line there was only one tower of the turbo drop working. So the line was get slow. Then they fixed the tower that was broken and then the other one broke down. Something was wrong with the shoulder Restaints. Well we were up next and then the other tower broke down. They fixed both and ran them with some people on them. I was thanking god I wasn't the test dummy. Well since she had never ridden the Space Shot she was nevous. We got into our seat and were off. As we got really high she said "What have I done" We were really high up and she knew this wasn't Demon Drop. When we got to the top it was quiet. Finally we heard Shhhhhhh and we blasted down. It was great. She loved it.
It was by that time 9:30 and the park closed at 10. We were both hurting so we limped over to Magnum for a final run. It was great at night. I finally got the nerve to put my hands up. Perfect ride. When we left the park we couldn't find the car. When we finally remembered and started home. On the turnpike we took the wrong way and ended up going east instead of west. What a trip

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I was also there yesterday, didn't arrive until about 1 pm(friends had commitments) and then had to wait about 15 more minutes for a couple of friends to get season passes processed. To my suprise, it was even more crowded than it was opening day, and the weather wasn't nearly as good. Big blue signs by the entrance saying Millennium Force will open later. We decided not to even bother with it when we first came in and headed to the magnum where someone said that the line was 5 hours at that point and that they were testing with employees. We didn't ride much other rides before getting in the MF line at about 8:15. The raptor was down for about 2 hours, it looked like one of the trains was stuck at the midcourse braking thing for a long time. When we entered the MF que, the sing said three hours, and thats what it looked like judging by opening day. A couple quick things I'd like to point out is that the security was really nice about letting everyone get in and out of line to the bathroom and such, which was a plus. There was a decent DJ in the line, who I think was there all day. You can just barely hear at the beginning of the line, they need to consider speakers in other locations. I really think having the DJ makes it so much easier to wait in line, it can be fun. What sucked is that the DJ left at 10pm for the sucktacular.. which i didn't notice any changes to this year but it was kind of hard to tell. About half way through, my friend asked a hot girl for a picture with him in it, and then later the girl took my camera, stuck it up her shirt and shot :):) I SITLL HAVE 18 PICTURES LEFT ON THAT CAMERA THOUGH!! .. We got to the loading platform at about 11. We were the last people let on and got a seat dead middle, on the yellow train. Like everyone else has said I am not going to begin to describe MF, but i just don't see how you people can come to CedarPoint and pass it up, it is defiantly worth a 3 hour wait. After getting off and of course checking out the picture, we started heading for the front gate, but it looked like they were still letting people in line!! At that point I about crapped myself and we went running up there, to have the entrance chick tell us to slow down they are keeping the line open until midnight :-) That was the greatest suprise of the day. And when we got back in line at about 11:30 (long personal reasons why we couldn't go in earlier) the line was only 25 minutes!! I could not believe it. I don't think many people knew they were going to run it to midnight, but it was great. I got on the blue train that time, second to back row. I didn't notice too much difference from middle, but front on opening day was the best. Some side notes.
1. From 8pm till 12am (time i was there) both the blue and yellow trains were dispatching right as the other would come into the break run. They did a GREAT job that night, not once was there a problem between the time i was there
2. The lighting is truly spectacular. It's a sight in itself, blew me away

Hope i got everything! Any questions ask

When you were in line for Millennium Force, I was watching Power Tower break down 3 times in front of me. I want to go again next month and I amgoing to plan a trip. Hopefully someone will take me

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