5-15-00 - Short CP Day, More MF problems, and fun!

We had planned on leaving Fort Wayne at 4:30, but due to some delays we left around 5:30, and made the 3 hour trek to Sandusky. We arrived at the park around 9:40, and to my amazement, most of the rides were already running!!, oh well, well the group I was with was split on where to go first. My vote was MF, but 2 others in our group, wanted to save it as a "grand finale" I told them that they would just end up waiting longer, but they were set on waiting. So we split, and they went elsewhere while we went to ride the "Force". At the time we arrived there was only about a 1 hour wait, and I was pumped. I was with two others and as the trains flew by into the final curve, they made comments like "This doesnt look to fast", and "This doesnt look as big as Magnum". Well when our hour was up, I found myself in Car 2-1, next to a man who said he had a terrible hangover (great!), and my two other friends were in the infamous 5-1. Weve all heard enough about the ride from other reports, but I cannot stress how incredibly awesome this ride is, the cheering as we exited the station was incredible!!...People were screaming before we were halfway up!...Once we came over that first hill, I was in Heaven!...all I can say is "Woah". We caught the so-called rough red train, but it felt incredibly smooth to me. When the ride ended, my doubting friends looked like they were in shock, the girl who said she didnt think it looked fast, nearly had a redout! We then proceeded to Raptor, to find nearly a 2 hour wait for it, but we rode it anyway. It was great as usual!, we then went and got shot up on the Power Tower, it was a nice refreshing view of the park :-). We then decided to hit the MF again....I must say this may have been a mistake...First of all, I had a terrible migraine..anyways..We entered the queue passing the sign reading "There is a 3 hour wait beyond this point" I normally will not wait this long for a coaster, but from my perspective the queue was backed up to where we waited earlier in the morning. I was right, and we were nearly to the last straightaway of the queue after an hour wait when I noticed that trains had'nt been passing for a while. Well next thing i knew I saw both the yellow, and the blue trains on the transfer track! The great maintence people of Cedar Point were quick to check it out, but it added another hour or so to our wait, finally both trains were running again and the crowd erupted in cheering as the train ascended the lift again, only to stall at the top! It was fixed within a minute and we got our second ride in the red train again, with another flawless performance from MF! After this we were all feeling sick, not because of the ride, but we think from the hot dogs, we enjoyed earlier in the day, so we headed home. I was a bit upset at my lack of coasters for the day, but my main objective was to ride MF, and i doubled my objective.

A few Closing Thoughts:
1. I talked to a security guard in the queue of MF, and he told me Saturday there was an 8 hour wait for MF, however the ride Op's told me the most they had was 4. Is this some joke this year...to make up large lines on MF to scare customers away?...I dont get it

2. The yellow train still sat motionless on the transfer, water dummies all removed now. When I asked a worker in the queue why they wont run the yellow, he said, 1. its not certified, and 2. Its hard to time 3 trains together!

3. The Music this year annoys me for some reason, its the same 4 songs over and over and over again!! Stick to modern music!

4. Have any other CP coasters had as many problems their opening weekend as MF...I cant recall any.

Well despite only spending 7 hours at the point it was a fun day. It was incredibly busy for a Monday though in my opinion.

"I will never doubt the forces of physics again" ~ Heard exiting MF

I frequently enjoy long walks in a park, and kicking the sky!

MF Rides: 02
Where in Fort Wayne do you live, i live 30 miles north of it.
I live on the North Side of Town...

I frequently enjoy long walks in a park, and kicking the sky!
Saturday, opening day was only approx. a 3 hour wait. I know because my daughter and I got 2 rides. 6 hours of standing in line for 3 1/2 minutes of ride time. Man was it worth it:)

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