5-13/5-14 HOME AT LAST!!

Getting to CP after this entire winter of adjustment to college classes and hockey was just unbelievable. The entire flight back to Pittsburgh from Boston on Friday night was riddled with anticipation by both myself and my boyfriend who was very excited after me sending him links and telling him every little fact about MF and CP over the past few months. He is from Carlisle, MA and thus has never been to any amusement park but a small one called Canobie Lake Park up in New England (a lot of you might know about it but others don't). Anyway I digress, onto the TR.


Well, my car broke down on Friday night on the way back from the airport but my mother was so gracious as to let me use her Kia Sportage. So I went down to Washington, PA to pick up my best friend Kim and then came back here to New Castle, where I got my sister, ate some tacos and then took off. We were CP bound and the 2 1/2 hour drive seemd like nothing! In no time at all it seemed I was seeing the park's skyline again, only with a large blue and silver creation looming over it. I almost ran into the toll booth, I was so consumed with looking at my park, and then we went through the booth and parked in the Soak City lot which was nearly empty, yada yada. Now for the rides:

Magnum XL-200
around 8:15 or so
Sat in 12 left and had an awesome ride. Wanted to ride this before we got on MF so that we could test the supposed new roughness before getting biased by the rumored smoothness of the Force. The Magnum was the same as I always remembered it, a little rough coming out of the pretzel turn but otherwise a great airtime-filled ride as always.

We rode once and then were headed towards Raptor when we heard that MF's line would be closing at 9 pm. So we diverted our path and headed straight for MF as it was 8:30 at the time, and we got in line for the big blue monster at 8:40 or so. They told us it would be a 3 hour wait. The line was totally alive and became even moreso when the lights of the ride went on. I met Jeffrey Spartan and whoever was with him (nobody else bothered introducing themselves, I must be wicked ugly lol). My best friend, my sister, my boyfriend and I caused many a big scene. Now for the ride:

Millennium Force
around 11:00 pm
Awesome awesome awesome. With an emphasis on AWE. That was inspired the first time I looked at this ride. We rode seat 13 and it was great. I was totally amazed at the speed and angle of the lift hill. It felt like we were being pulled straight up and then tossed from the top! The first drop at night is unbelievable. There really is no other way to describe it. Un-freaking-believable and awesome are both already used. This thing bowls you over with speed and then keeps going. I love it.

around 11:45 pm
We bought Pepsi cans to get in for $25 bucks on Sunday. Also, disposable cameras and snacks for the hotel room.

around 12:15 pm
The people here were nice and didn't even ask for my AAA card to get my discount. Good thing, cause I lost it. We ordered breadsticks from Papa John's (you know, they aren't in the phone book) and watched Comedy Central until we all fell asleep.


Woke up, got out of the Travelodge about 9:30 after much showering and getting ready by the 3 females and 1 male on the trip. Got to the park and I just bypassed all of the traffic people and parked near the employee lot in the front part of the main lot (hey, I work there). Got into the park about 10:45 or so after everyone's getting season passes and regular tickets and rounding us all up. Went to Park Operations and decided to pick up my manuals at the end of the day. My best friend and love and family rode the Magnum without me, how considerate.

Met up with my mom and we all headed towards Raptor (which had the temporary queues set up but only an hour or so wait). About that ride:

about 11:45 am
I love this ride. Not much to say because it was great as usual. Crew seems efficient and my boyfriend prefers this ride to any other ride at CP. Rode this one other time in the day, about 8:15 pm or so.

Hit MF again then went to Gemini. Walk on of course.

Gemini, red train
12:50 or so
We lost! Chris was amazed at the headchoppers on this ride and thought hand-slapping was cool.

Mean Streak
about 1:30 pm
Overbraked and rough, needs work still. Needed to take Chris on it though, it's still Mean Streak.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride
about 2:00 pm
I love the Mine Ride, the new control system looked a bit foreign to me but the blue tag made sure to tell the entire crew that I worked on the ride last year hehe.

about 2:40 pm
Chaos rules!! Yay for Chaos!! I opened a queue on it just like last year hehe. We flipped 7 times! Record last season was 14. :o)

Headed for MF again, then Magnum, then Raptor again, then got in line for MF for the last ride of the night again. Went home exhausted and happy.

Was very glad to say hi to everyone and especially loved seeing all of the other employees that made me feel so welcome and made me have the greatest time working there last year. I can't wait to get back there this summer...June 11 can't come soon enough.

Back to Boston now, more school. Yay.
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Hey! For some reason we never crossed paths, though it seems everyone else connected with you last weekend. No worries... see you next time!

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Don't feel bad jeff, I still have not met LUVRAPTOR.

Raptor Flights: 5
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Backstreet girl where in New Castle did you go ?
I graduated from Neshannock High School last year...grew up in New Castle. Why?

Oh and Jeff, you'll definitely be seeing me this summer, probably more than you'd like, depending on how much time you spend in Zone 3 lol.

ATL Zone 3 Sweeps 2000

Because that is where I go to school.

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