4th of July

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I know its always packed on the fourth of July... Whos going?

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Jen and I always go on the 4th. I don't see this year as being any different.

At least there is fireworks at the end of the day...HECK NO i am not going. its so crazy 4th of July weekend.

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Josh- I might be down there the 4th. We should find an open range ;)

I might be heading up there that day with my cousin.


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bholcomb said:
Josh- I might be down there the 4th. We should find an open range ;)

Sounds great to me. I wonder if there's anyone else who'd be up for that. :)

My family and I won't be going on the 4th of July. When we went last year, it was soooo packed. There was 20 minute waits for the kiddie rides in Kiddie Kingdom. It was ridiculous.

^..Yeah thats exactly why I dont go then.

Total Maverick rides for the 2007 season = 27

Top 5--- 1. Maverick- 2. Millennium 3. Magnum 4. TTD 5. Gemini

Cavs- 2007 Eastern Conference Champions!.-

We went on the 4th of July back in 2002 and it wasn't plesant. I don't think that we will be going back on the 4th again. However, we went to King's Island on the 5th of July a couple years ago and it was dead. I am not sure if it would be dead at CP on the 5th though.

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Yeah, I'll probably be down there July 2-5.

I might have a new S&W M&P .40 by that point to show off at the range. ;)

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YAY! Now we can buy the same caliber of ammo and save money. :-D

Of course, I have a little .22 rifle to play with too.

Nope, will not be going. Transformers the movie comes out. I'll be there watching it.

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i have yet to go to cedar point on a holiday but i might try a week from today and i hope i'm not going into a firestorm next week. the 4th of july, no can do. i'll be in st. louis going to the top of the arch and then to worship at the anheuser-busch temple. yay, courtesy room.

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Got a family trip planned this year on the 4th. Last year we sat on the beach and watched the fireworks, for the first time. Really relaxing. Cold sand on bare feet after walking for hours around the park, small waves splashing along the beach, Nice, peaceful.

We watched a lot of shows that day, really didn't go for the rides. We mainly went to see the 4th of July fireworks.

My tradition of setting off fireworks every year became expensive, and I moved to an area that is really strict on illegal fireworks. I don't want to go to jail for setting off fireworks.

So maybe we found a new tradition at Cedar Point. :)

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The first time I had ever been to 4th of july at CP was when i worked there. I was at the mean streak; and even beyond all those trees I could still see them. It was pretty cool. Its a great time to celebrate a holiday in the park; just make it a two day thing so you get more rides in.

"Mean Streak crew 2004"

Thought about it, but I have a bit of a phobia of crowds and small spaces. A holiday BBQ at home sounds more appealing. I may go on Memorial Day, but I'm not sure. I'm also thinking of driving down to KI on the 5th or 6th.

So how about July 3 that is the day I have set to go I am coming from Nova Scotia Canada and this will be my second trip to CP the first time I went was 12 years ago and I went in mid Sept and there was a very small crowd this time my 12 year old son will be with us and this will be his first trip to a real amusement park and I am hoping it's not going to be as busy on a week day the day before July 4 then it would on the weekend.

July 5th and 6th, may be packed, but i'll get ERT with Hotel Breakers.

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im taking a MY FIRST trip to CP july 2nd-6th driving 8hr from philadelphia, so i hear the 4th is packed, im going to make that into a challange park, show day if the lines are crowded (always gotta have a plan B) if anyone else is going id like to meet up with someone familiar with their home park and show me and my girlfriend the ropes, hope to see some of you guys there


Not all holidays at Cedar Point are packed, the one year I went on Labor Day a few years back Millennium Force was a walk on the entire day. There was a light drizzle but still pretty much entirely dead considering.

I will be there on the Fourth, but I don't expect on being able to ride much of anything. Probably won't even head out there 'til later afternoon.

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