2024 Dining Preview

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A decent brief overview of what to expect with dining in 2024.

Of note, Cedar Point throws shade at a local company while signing with Blue Bunny. Classy.

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Seems odd to even keep Tofts soft serve at that point. 🤦‍♂️

These cuts hurt. Half of our family doesn’t ride thrill rides, instead they go mainly for festivals, food, and entertainment. Years ago my parents thought a season pass and hotel stays for just food festivals and the entertainment, was a terrible idea. Cedar Point had been doing a great job the past decade at breaking that “we’re a thrill park” mold, and instead advertise being a resort destination for the entire family.

I love what the park is doing with Top Thrill, but given what we’ve seen the last decade, the park has much more potential than just thrill rides.

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Yeah the Toft's removal really is a head scratcher.

I’m not sure the blame necessarily belongs to Cedar Point, it could be Toft’s decision.

We have a Toft’s scoop shop here in Columbus (Grandview) now so they must be branching out in other ways. It’s kind of a no-frills place in a strip mall. Truth told, I never thought Tofts was all that great. But neither is Blue Bunny for that matter.
I seem to remember that the guy that runs the place is from Sandusky, which stands to reason. At any rate we chatted about ice cream at the Point. I’ll try to go back in there and see what I can discreetly find out.
Wait- I re-read the article and it seems like it just might be the park giving Tofts the heave ho.
Wait- the signature coaster-related flavors may be more than Tofts cares to market and they said bye.
Ok, who knows? Like I said I’ll try to find out.

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Scott Cameron:

Yeah the Toft's removal really is a head scratcher.

Not if you're a "gold parachute higher up" who lives and dies by short-term marginal profit increases at the cost of long-term success!


So, I wonder what this means for the Toft's cow in front of the ice cream shop?

Sheesh, the more I read about the decisions Cedar Point is making moving forward, the less confident I am that it will remain my favorite place to hit up during the summer. I'm sure a large percentage of the people who go don't care about any of this stuff however. I'm from Pittsburgh, and lately with Kennywood being in the news a bit (Steel Curtain closed for the season), I see a lot of responses from people about how Cedar Point is so much better and cheaper than KW and there's no reason for anyone to go to Kennywood instead. I doubt the vast majority of people who go to Cedar Point from anywhere outside of the Sandusky area even know what type of ice cream they served there, or care. Still a bummer to me, because it doesn't feel like a great omen.

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Now Damien, was a great omen.

^Brandon, I totally get that part. But I can't imagine the price of ice cream being so much different that they'd sabotage a long-standing relationship with a local vendor. Even more perplexing is they're still using Toft's for soft-serve. It just seems bizarre. A part of me thinks (or least hopes) perhaps Toft's was unsure of keeping up with CP's quantity demands this year. But sadly, you're probably right and it's all money driven. I doubt us park-goers will see any type of commensurate price decrease either.

Take Frontier Fest, take Chick-Fil-A, take Tofts, but if you take my Panda Express from me...it will be war.

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I prefer Graeter's ice cream.

But if you want Toft's, you really need to go to the original dairy on Venice Road.
So much better than at the park or strip mall.

^"it's all money driven". Is there anything at CP that isn't money driven ? Not complaining because more profit allows them to make the park better.

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And with the most recent headline, that’ll be the last article you ever read from the Register about Cedar Point.

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Gosh, after suing them (and having the claim dismissed) looking for whatever they were after, gosh, I can't imagine why they wouldn't invite them in with open arms. I mean, those dip****s didn't even hire an attorney. Clearly not very familiar with FOIA either, which if it even applies to a private police department, and I doubt that it does, provides certain limited exceptions for police.

Cedar Point doesn't need that paper. I'm fairly certain the audience is aware of Cedar Point, and that it is opening a new ride.

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Not sure if you missed this, but the Ohio Supreme Court handed down a unanimous opinion back in December against Cedar Fair in that Public Records Case. It ended up being WTOL, WKYC, and WBNS that had to do the grunt work that the Register couldn't (or wouldn't) do.

A "police department that provides security, policing, and law-enforcement services at amusement park acts as functional equivalent of a public institution and therefore must respond to valid public-records requests related to those duties". Not only was it unanimous, the only split between the justices was over whether Cedar Fair should have to pay attorney's fees or not.

Interesting to me as a lawyer, but it's a fairly dry Ohio Public Records Act analysis that didn't get too much coverage.


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When I read that title I thought that Cedar Point must’ve blocked their telephone number, lol. I never thought what else it could be.

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Now that CF/SF headquarters are clearly not in Sandusky anymore, I wonder how much deference the park will get from the city leaders now that it is more relegated to a seasonal employer rather than a Corporate HQ.

Tony and whatever office cubicles still staffed there, might have a changing relationship locally as stuff like local relationships like Toft's, the register, etc... get tossed aside for Six Flags style partnerships in the future.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

That's hoping folks like Tony and others in Sandusky aren't eliminated from the payroll with the Six Flags consolidation.

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