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Also, I had two take-downs today, Walt had one

I ended up with four!

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You win! You get a copyright strike and you get a copyright strike!

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At first I was upset about people reposting my videos without credit. My 1996 Pirate Ride video, which is really awful but is the only video footage I know of on YT, was a big one that got posted on people's channels without any acknowledgement. I was kind of peeved that my video was getting more views on other people's channels than on my own! All I was looking for was someone to ask if they could post it. I'd have no problems giving permission. But posting it as their own is what frustrated me more than anything.

Then a few years back I noticed several clips of my carnival videos popping up on someone's channel, again with no permission. So I did the takedown request for all of them and received an angry message from the kid's father. He called me an "absolute monster" and how could I do such a thing to an autistic child? As I had no idea that it was an autistic child reposting my videos, I apologized and said he could keep them up on his page and continued living my life as a monster...

So yeah, YouTube is sort of a pain in the behind!

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I'm an autistic adult with an autistic child and if my child was doing that, I'd let him know it wasn't right. Being wired differently does not mean that things other people make has no value. The two are unrelated, and frankly it seems pretty lame to pull the autism card in that situation. Other may disagree.

Remember, the Beastie Boys to this day shovel tons of royalties to others for the smallest of samples, and I would argue in their case that at least they were creating genuinely new things from that material. Kids compiling video from others that cost them nothing to shoot, no work to do, and putting an opinion voiceover track on it and collecting revenue is not fair use, it's piracy.

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