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Brandon, I would argue night rides aren't exclusively enjoyed by enthusiasts. And it seems the enthusiasts are the ones most upset by this EE announcement. I don't understand how families and enthusiasts are at each end of this spectrum. I'm sure both groups would enjoy both. When I was a child, my whole extended family enjoyed nights at CP way more than mornings. And I wouldn't call a single one of them enthusiasts. I enjoy the ambience of the nighttime of an amusement park. The lights alone are almost worth it. I remember midnight closings and getting in line at 11:57. Sometimes leaving the park well after 1 am. Ahh...great times, better memories. I'd love to share those same memories with my kids but it seems as though the late night offerings just aren't a thing anymore.

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Enthusiasts seem to be the only ones upset because they’re the only ones who are currently aware of the early entry rides. Most guests will be completely oblivious about which rides are early entry until the moment they enter the park on their first visit, and I guarantee you a good portion will be upset, or at least disappointed if they’ve come to expect a certain number of headliners open.

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I disagree. It still doesn't change the fact that night time amusement park is better than morning amusement. Also, I'm unsure how you can guarantee it.

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Also wonder how 'fine print' this list will be. If it's not posted somewhere more obvious, I'm imagining a hotel guest not aware of the list, entering the magnum gate (why even open it?) and heading for SV. Closed. Then the long walk towards the front of the park, not finding anything to ride until they get to the boardwalk.

I'm just an enthusiast, but I can't imagine that making anyone happy.

Vwhoward, People get upset about just about everything. It’s not a stretch to assume a certain percentage of people will be upset that the early entry lineup is a shadow of what it was even just last year. So yeah, I can guarantee that it’ll happen.

The park promises early entry and implies that one or more attractions will be open during that early entry.

As I see it they aren't under any real obligation to publish the list at all, or to be consistent about it. The list is more for your convenience than to fulfill their obligations.

Not that I care that much. On my Cedar Point days I'm usually still in bed by the time the gates open, and I still live more than two hours away...

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So, if I'm staying at Lighthouse Point and want to take advantage of the early entry "perk", the best option is to take a shuttle to Breakers, walk out to the beachfront and then down to the WindSeeker Gate? Does that sound right?

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You don't have to take a shuttle.

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I did something radical and decided to actually call the park and just ask. The associate on the other end of the line (I inquired about season pass info) said that this early entry list is indeed the plan for the whole season, and not just a beginning-of-the-year list.

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Seems consistent with what someone else said earlier in the thread to the effect that in prior years, the Early Entry ride lineup remained the same throughout the year. Would also expect that if there is a chance it will change during the season (but its not certain), they do not want to say anything now (don't want people relying on that to make room reservations, buy passes, etc). So the park's official answer would be the same if plan is to keep list the same all season or to possibly change it at some point.

Expect they went out with the list now because they know this will be the list and they do not want people relying on expectation of last season's list in buying tickets/making hotel reservations now. At time they were selling passes/making room reservations last fall/in offseason, expect they did not know what the early ride lineup would be so nothing to say (relying on the "subject to change" language everywhere).

As long as 2024 Coaster is on the list next year.

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Wonder if they may start doing a yeary theme for early entry to focus on new additions and the area around it.

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Early entry is gonna be real interesting the year that they finally invest in the bathrooms.

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Not to mention the VIP/ First Rider charity event.

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the year that they finally invest in the bathrooms.

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Can I purchase an all season #2 pass?

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"Bathroom 1 looks too intense for me."

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One cheese on a stick and I'll be paying for a fastlane plus for one of them new stalls.

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