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I'll be headed to Cedar Point next week, on and off from Wednesday to Sunday. We plan on spending at least 2 full days at CP, a day at Put-in-Bay, and then maybe a half day or so at CP. I'm hearing some horror stories about the lines with FL this season, and I'm just curious what the regulars have been seeing. We definitely plan on getting FLP for one of our full days at CP, but I'm having a hard time deciding which day would be best for it. Our initial plan is to spend Thursday all day and Saturday all day at CP, with Friday being our Put-in-Bay day. Are lines with FLP still like an hour on weekends as I'm reading online? Or are those just exaggerations or rare occurances? I don't really mind 30 mins for stuff like Steel Vengeance and Maverick with FLP on a busy ass day, but I don't know that I can find much value even being there if it's an hour +.

We have Platinum Passes but ended up having to stay in Port Clinton because Breakers booked up real fast this year. It's making our planning a bit more difficult than in prior years when we just stay on site and not worry too much about waits / crowds.

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I have seen Mav, SV, Val FLP lines posted at the ride entrance as 60+ on a weekday also seen them less. Obviously standby is longer. I was poking around on the accesso and saw FLP as $199 on Saturdays, FL $125. Do you have a platinum pass for the discount?

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Yep, we have Platinum. We usually try to budget to just have to use FLP for one day during our vacations (we are hitting Kings Island Sunday-Monday and will prob snag it for a day there also) and it's a little juggling act to figure out which day makes it the most worthwhile. I'm sure we will most likely do what we always end up doing and just play it by ear and see what's up. I was just wondering if all those people on other social media outlets are exaggerating, or if it really is that nuts this season, even with FLP.

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I am sure there is some exaggerating, but I have certainly seen some very long lines including FLP and I only go on weekdays.

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