2020 Employees - Introduce Yourselves!

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Hi, guys! I've seen that this has became a trend ever since I started it in 2018, so I'm here again to bring it back! This is a good experience to help make friends with people working in the same department or living area and make connections. Please post your name (or preferred name) along with your occupation with Cedar Fair. It is highly recommended to add your area of housing, some facts about you, etc. to help find others with similar interests! Have fun and make some friends!

I'll go first. Hi! My name is Camden (or CJ if you prefer nicknames). I will be a Ride Operator this year but I'm not sure of what ride I will be working at yet, so location is pending! I do theatre and band, as well as some other things including choir. I'm super excited to meet everyone and I can't wait!

2020 - Ride Operator

Hi! I'm Ethan. I am a 18 year old college student who enjoys doing theatre and choir as well and likes to be physically active. I also am a huge Themepark/Amusement park fan and super stoked to be working for Cedar fair this summer at Cedar Point.

I will be a Front Desk Associate at one of Cedar Point's hotels (Not sure what location) and can't contain my excitement.

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Hi everyone, I'm Chase and this will be my second year in the Rides department. I'm contracted to Millennium Force after working Raptor last season!

Millennium Force 2020
Raptor 2019

I'm Greg, this is my third season in Rides and currently, my assignment is Iron Dragon. Looking forward to seeing y'all!

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I’m not working at the park, but I wanted to say thank you to all of the employees who run the rides and make the sausage at miss Keats and keeps the park clean and safe. You guys are the best

Hey y’all!

My name is Abby! I’m so glad to see this post come back! I’m 19 (20 tomorrow) and I’m so excited to be back at the park for my third season! I work in Live E with my peanut friends during the summer, and during the fall you can catch me creeping along the midways as one of the ghosts and working in the Jack Aldridge theater with Midnight syndicate (such amazing guys who run that show) , I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to work at Kings Dominion in Virginia. If anyone needs any questions answered feel free to hit me up I would love to give you some feedback :) have fun this season everyone!

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Hey all names avery 23 years old and this will be my first summer, says my fist day is april 24th but who knows with everything going on kinda nervous any tips or advise??

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Don’t eat fish tank cleaner and stay home for now.

Hey everyone! I'm Adrian, 24 years old and this will be my second year working as a theater usher at Cedar Point. Hoping everything looks up from here so this can be a safe, fun year for both employees and guests.


Cedar Point Live Entertainment (Character Performer) - 2018
Cedar Point Haunt Live Entertainment - 2018
Kings Dominion Live Entertainment - 2018
Cedar Point Live Entertainment -2019

Abby - I'm glad your still having fun working with those crazy peanuts. (from the past live e employee who currently has a Schroeder key chain for work!) - Lisa

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Hi all!

I'm Jenn, and I'll be returning to the point this year! I'm a character escort for the Peanuts in the Live Entertainment department. This will be my third summer season, and this fall will be my second Halloweekends! Looking forward to working with everyone once we're all able to work again! :)

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I'm pretty late, but I'm Jake and I'll be working at CP this summer. Are there any FB groups or anything I should be a part of?

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Welcome! I think there is a FB group but not sure of the name. When do you process in?

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