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^ After riding Wooden Warrior by Gravity Group, I can't agree more on having them build a coaster like Oscar's Wacky Taxi along the beach side of the Coliseum and have it connect the 2 kiddie sections while they also upgrade the Kiddie Kingdom. And I don't even have kids, nor do I even like them...lol

I saw this on YouTube today! Check it out. It’s a great concept that could easily replace Fire and Ice and make for a great boardwalk area. The only thing I would suggest is instead of a wild mouse doing a family spinning coaster instead.

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The concept looks nice and I love a good wild mouse. But, their capacities are so bad I could never imagine cedar point installing one.

Tall and fast not so much upside down...

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Widcat had a similar capcity to a wild mouse and ran at the park for decades.

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Most wild mice have horrible capacity because the parks don’t run them at full capacity. The mouse at California Adventure dispatches a car seemingly every 10-15 seconds and the line moves pretty fast. I’d imagine a mouse at Cedar Point would be ran similarly.

Not if they have to use IROC procedures. ;)

I think a wild mouse could work. I think it would "fit" in a "boardwalk" area like seen here, but honestly, I think CP can do better in the family coaster category. Think Firechaser Express at Dollywood or something along those lines. A mouse would simply be checking a box saying, "yup, we added something for the family demographic," but it isn't innovative in the slightest and no one is going to get excited over it.


Oh I totally agree. A wild mouse would be the most boring, unimaginative thing they could build. But the park could make it run at a decent capacity if they were to build one.

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^I wouldn't go that far... I think that title belongs to the Vekoma Boomerang. Or Larson Looper. Personally I'd be fully on-board with a wild mouse coaster. I find them pretty fun. Going down a hill in a single car is a much different feeling than on a full train. And I certainly think it would fit well there, just like it does in Knott's' boardwalk area.

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All that boardwalk concept is missing is a Thrashers French Fries location.

I am confused how realistic the animation is.

I love the animation as it STILL has the worlds tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster in there. Rumors aside, I’m still having a hard time believing WT will leave at any time soon

Agreed! It looks so beautiful in this animation and fits that area so nicely!

What the heck is that spinning beach raft ride? It looks like a Cuddle Up but it’s just interlocking circles. The near collisions would be interesting but I don’t see much chance for a good spin. And I realize this is just pretend but I’m always intrigued by flats when depicted in a rendering and this is one I’ve never seen before. I also like the surfboard Tomahawk-style ride he’s included.
I wouldn’t have a problem at all with a Mack extended mouse for Cedar Point. Many parks have them, but none in the midwest. Customers would lap it up. Potential for low capacity is a weak argument against such as ride. Knott’s has one and they don’t seem to mind how it fits into their coaster arsenal. And in this rendering the application is totally believable.
Overall, I like this concept better than what Knott’s went with. Of course CP already has a Larson Flying Scooter elsewhere in the park. This is very imaginative and well done.

Really love that concept animation and would love if that or something very very similar would happen! I love all 3 of the rides in that concept. Man, now I'm wishing for that! :) I always love a good wild mouse and I was pretty bummed out when Wildcat left the park.

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They could call that spinning raft ride "Sir Rub-A-Dubs-Tubs" :)

That spinning raft ride is basically the same thing as the Tea Cups at Knoebels. It does look like they will crash, but of course they don't.

Zoug68 said:
That spinning raft ride is basically the same thing as the Tea Cups at Knoebels. It does look like they will crash, but of course they don't.

That’s not exactly right, and I’m not trying to get all technical on you, but Knoebel’s ride is a two-table PTC Crazy Daisy (Cuddle Up). Those rides have side by side “gears” where the tubs move from one to the other (via a catch plate of some sort) this making a figure 8 on the platform which allows for random spins based on weight distribution. This guy’s ride may very well be an attempt at a recreation, but it features two paths that interlock never straying from the basic circular path. And that what was so interesting to me- I’ve never seen a ride exactly like that.
Btw, I’d be fine with a Cuddle Up at Cedar Point. Zamperla makes a newer version under the name Demolition Derby. Disney has used custom versions of it for rides like Mater at California’s Adventure and the Alien flat at Studios.

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Hey, I made that! Thanks for all the awesome comments! I love hearing feedback on designs I've created.

The idea behind the spinning tube ride is indeed a Zamperla Demolition Derby. For simplicity of animation I only had it do 2 circular paths, but the idea was to have a near-miss ride like Cuddle Up.

There’s a new poster that was discovered by CP Food Blog which is a very clear reference to CCMR, and it talks about a new expansion.

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