2019 Teasing Begins...

We’ve all been so focused on Steel Vengeance, that none of us thought it remotely possible for a new attraction next year...


Photo Credit: CP Rundown

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Cedar Point just got a new coaster. 2019 will have either a new restaurant or a flat ride. I don't understand why they would get a coaster for 2019 when 2020 is the big 150.

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I think you are talking about this post? Here's a link to it with a much bigger photo to see.


I would imagine this is just a clever promotion for CW's new dive coaster opening up next year. Too much of it aligns with that.

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“We promise to offer the best of the best when it comes to lodging and housing?” Clearly not CP.

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I think it's absolutely for CW. Look at the bottom of the poster, as one of the Facebook commenters pointed out.

The Valravn symbol is there, which makes sense for a dive coaster. The other thing about the wording "Extreme heat and cold, darkness and light, tight spaces, dizzying heights, sudden drops, and wet conditions."

Pretty easy to see the dive coaster is going to be utilizing tunnels and a splashdown. The Northern expansion is clearly for our northern neighbors, and needing a passport is a pretty obvious allusion.

It's really smart marketing though. The chain can advertise a world class coaster while leveraging their Platinum Pass. It's a perfect opportunity.

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Seems pretty clear that it's for CW, whatever it is.

In either case, I'm liking this cross-park marketing that uses bits and pieces form the whole chain.

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I'm calling it now:
For 2019 CP will get the world's tallest,fastest,steepest drinking fountain.

I got this from the lemon chill guy. Lock it in.

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I think this could be a clever way of teasing for both parks. Seems to reference CW, the new CP employee dorms, and maybe something else too.

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CP rundown posted this too, and I guessed that Cedar Point was getting a new GCI wooden roller coaster in the future.

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The "housing and lodging" bit is almost certainly a reference to CW's upcoming hotel mentioned by Zimmerman earlier this month.

The expansion of our resort facilities will be a key driver of increased revenues over the long-term as we open additional hotels adjacent to Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina, in late 2019, and Canada's Wonderland, near Toronto, in 2020

Presumably the coaster announcement will be accompanied by an official announcement of said hotel.


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Cargo Shorts said:
“We promise to offer the best of the best when it comes to lodging and housing?” Clearly not CP.

Really? Cedars is pretty classy digs for miners!

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Number "137" it is used throughout the Cedar Fair system in teases and promos. Trying to uncover the significance.

Hmm....I know Raptor is 137 feet tall. Can't think of anything else that uses that number besides Raptor.

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They're going to build/demolish coasters chainwide to total 137 :P

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137 is the number of feet of steel track at Michigans Adventure.

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Isn’t that also the height of the midcourse on valravn?

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Shawn Meyer said:

Hmm....I know Raptor is 137 feet tall. Can't think of anything else that uses that number besides Raptor.

Isn't your favorite ride 137 feet tall, Rougadude?

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I thought Mantis was 145 with a 119ft loop? I could check rcdb if it mattered.

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Oh I was wrong. It's 145' tall, but the drop is 137 feet (as shown on CP's web site).

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