2019 Teasing Begins...

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Do we know where this announcement is happening? OnPoint Blog? Twitter? Facebook? Live Feed?

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Looks like on Twitter. Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island.

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^It states that you must use both your brain and brute power. Oh well, that leaves me half out. Never guess which one I am lacking, the former, or the former...

PyroKinesis09 said:

They will never remove Corkscrew. Write that down, seal it, and open it in 100 years when Corkscrew is still operating.

I mean If they ever decide not to make parts for the ride, it's still very much possible. However Corkscrew uses very little real estate so I'm sure that's a long time a way. If they did retire it, they would have to replace everything from the track to the trains. Basically they would rebranding it as a new ride.

They (S&S being "they", I think) still do make parts for Arrows; when Corkscrew loses parts, presumably that would be bad news for most of the other sit-down Arrows which are mechanically quite similar. Loch Ness Monster just got new trains, I think.

That said, Corkscrew is much less popular than, say, Magnum.

The Arrow coasters, all of them at CP, are deficient in two major ways. 1) trains. Designed in a California garage well before, say, Woodstock. When people were appreantly short and relatively skinny. Effective, not so accommodating. Not in 2018. 2) track. Brilliantly skillful at the time. Hand bent and hand welded sometimes on site! A marvel at the time and clearly built to last! Smoothness is often relative, but there’s no denying most modern coasters are exponentially more smooth. And usually accommodating. I LOVE the Arrow rides, my knees, spine, back, head, and elbows have a different opinion.

To replace just trains is only 1/2 the fix. At that coast it’s likely a wiser financial decision to replace the ride entirely. (I’m looking at you swamp creature)

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You don't think that the Magnum and Gemini trains are accommodating? I thin they are among the roomiest trains in the park.

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I do not think so. The lap bars are just as annoying to maneuver around too. Especially when they don’t stay up in place.

Sorry Pete. Not @ 6’2 / 230. The seating position is also too up right. MF, hands down, is the most comfortable for me. My happy place

My sarcasm detector just went off. It is faulty, however.

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Pete said:

You don't think that the Magnum and Gemini trains are accommodating? I thin they are among the roomiest trains in the park.

Once in the seats I find them ok, but personally I think they are a pain in the butt to get in and out of. Especially Magnum as the lap bars have a tendency to not stay up.

I just think as ridership goes down on Corkscrew there will be a time when the ride gets the axe. While it doesn't take up a huge plot of land there is more then enough room there for a few new flats, or even a modern looper that uses a vertical lift.

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Or just convert it into a looping over the midway log flume. 2 birds, 1 stone.

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

Corkscrew isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Not every ride in the park needs to be the next great giant thing.

And I am 6'1" 275 and I have no problem at all with the Arrow trains.

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Corkscrew is probably the most iconic ride in the entire park. It's not going anywhere. If they can update a carousel for 100+ years, they can damn well update a roller coaster.

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Last time I checked, people still ride 100+ year old carousels.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Sorry, I must have missed the tumbleweeds rolling down the track of Corkscrew instead of trains.

The restraints on this Vekoma Boomerang crack me up. It’s at a fair type park in Germany, so granted, there is no way in hell they would ever make it to a coaster in an American park. Still, I’d like to live in the world where every Arrow looper was retrofitted with these bad boys (maybe with additional padding!):

https://rcdb.com/1093.htm (pictures of said trains are at the back end of the photos)

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I haven't seen a line for Corkscrew in ages, not in favor of just tearing it down like some but it is at best a bland, uncomfortable ride. A Euro Fighter with similar corkscrews over the midway would respect the history without being overly dogmatic.

While we're on the topic of rides that need some love, something has got to be done with Raptor's break run. Coming to that sudden of a stop immediately as you're exiting the helix just sucks.

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