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My wife, my sister, her fiance and I all renewed our passes at the Season Pass Center yesterday so that 4 others in our group (mom, dad, brother, and our other sister) could get in free. That went smoothly until the attendant told us to go to the Ticket Sales counter where we waited in line for 15 minutes before they told us that the ticket was on our pass.

Honestly, it's a great idea because all you need is the pass and not a separate ticket that could get lost. But I felt really misinformed. Whatever, doesn't matter. We got in, had a great time (it was my birthday and my 6 month old son's first time to Cedar Point), and it was honestly a nearly perfect day.

Yep - in the fine print. I wonder why the fast lane is specifically listed on the receipt but the bring a friend is not?

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If you are a 2018 passholder, as a thank you, you get a free bring a friend ticket good through September 3rd. How nice of the park to do that.

I was under the impression that the bring a friend ticket was good thru the end of the season, cannot use it on Saturdays or September 2nd.

Someone please clarify for me.

This is what pops up when you go to renew your pass.....

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I think this is a whole other promotion. I think there might be 2 bring a friend tickets you can use if you renewed, one good til 9/3 and the other good til season close.

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It is a different promotion, this one is for 2018 pass holders. Separate from the 19 pass incentive

So....did everyone get a email about the 2018 Pass Holder Bring a Friend? My daughter got hers this afternoon, I still didn't get the notice.

But, this evening I did get an email about the 2019 passes. ....and, my daughter did not get that email.

Normally, if one gets an e-mail, we both do. Today it seems like it was hit or miss on notifications.

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I didn't get an email for either one, I saw the tweet.

Shane Denmark said:
It says NEW Passholders have to buy by today to get the FL+... Doesn't have the Flash Sale dates for renewals. Anyone know if that’s still valid after tonight?


Was asked on their facebook posts and on twitter. No response if that's the case. Best order tonight to be safe.


Looks like renewal's bonus lasts til the end of year, same as last year.

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