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Hey guys! So they did this last season and I met a co-worker and now best friend because of it, so I though maybe we could do it again this year! So! Hi, I'm Abby! This is my second season at Cedar Point, and over the winter I worked at Kings Dominion for their Winterfest. I work in Live Entertainment with the Peanuts Gang. Though I love hanging out with all the Peanuts, I mostly spend my time with Charlie or Lucy! Also, I know I've only been working here for one season, but if there is any questions I can answer for you feel free to ask and I'll try my best to answer, or I'm sure someone on here will know! Lets Have A Great Season!!!

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My name is Kevin! I will be interning as a department auditor in Food & Beverage this summer. This is my first official season working at the park (I say official because I did volunteering work for F&B during HalloWeekends in 2016 and 2017). Since I'm in college, I'll be arriving right before opening day and leave in late August, but I'm super excited to intern at my favorite park nonetheless!

Abby - How good old Charlie doing? Did you get a chance to meet Schroeder?

Anywho I know I worked at the park years ago, but there are some things that still apply with working at Cedar Point. Don't overpack - rooms are small. Talk to roommates beforehand to see who is planning on bringing what (mini - fridge, TV). You don't want to end up with two TVs, but no mini fridges, etc. Also, luckily, Sandusky is one of those cities that if you happen to forget something, there is a place to buy it - there is a Walmart, Target, Dollar Stores, Meijers, Kroger, Old Navy, Kohls, shoe stores, etc.

Charlie is great! And Schroeder and I have met, before Franklin he was the first I got to hang out with! Schroeder and Lucty are definitely my favorites!

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Hey my name is Brennan, I am a first year going to be working in ride operations! I am so excited for this, but also really nervous. I don't really know what else to say here, I'll be staying in the dorms probably and I a start April 29th for training and my season ends in October!

Hey, My name is Jon and this will be my first year working at Cedar Point, and I am going into the Ride operations department! Originally from Wisconsin so I will most likely be staying in the housing (to be honest that is what I am most nervous about since its my first time ever doing anything like that) Im looking forward to being apart of the team! - and if anyone has any tips for a first year living in housing that would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi folks, I'm Sam and this will be my fifth season in rides, and I'll be the Location Supervisor of Power Tower. Looking forward to another great season!

^as for housing advice, try to find roommates ahead of time (no, starrez isn't the best source to do that) and shower shoes

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One of the biggest advice in living in the dorms is to be respectful of those also living in the dorms. Just because you have the next day off (or don't have to be at work until 1 PM), your neighbor might have to be at work very early in the morning. Cedar Point is actually a 24 hour operation, meaning that there are those who have to be at work before the crack of dawn (4AM, 5AM, 6AM)....

Heyo! I should be working on maXair/Dodgem this season. I was Giant Wheel Triangle last year, so looks like I'm just moving across the midway.

I'm Erica! Castaway Bay, I've been here for a year now :) I tend to be the introverted / shy type so I haven't made any close friends yet, but I'd like to change that if anyone wants to explore downtown Sandusky or wants a ride buddy when the season starts!

Here's my advice for newcomers:

- Pretty much everything you need is on Milan Rd.
- As someone mentioned rooms are small and moving twice a year (March to Commons, October to Bayside) is mandatory so you'll want to downsize your belongings and/or have a storage space like a car
- If you don't have a car don't worry, there's a bus system and many people don't have cars
- The ARC is your best friend when it opens. There's a bistro with cheap food, big TVs, computers, air hockey, foosball, ping pong, and a convenience store with great prices where you can buy even more cheap meals and convenience stuff like soap and OTC medicines.
- There will be lots of employee events like ride nights, and bus trips to different places. Take advantage of them! (I didn't last year because I was adjusting to everything, so I'm super excited to immerse myself in associate life this year!)
- If you think you have bed bugs at any point, ask housing for a lure. Better safe than sorry!

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Hey everybody! My name is Kyle and this will be my second season working at Frontier Fling! I look forward to meeting everybody!

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Hi everyone (especially Abby <3)

I'm Jenn! I'm excited to be returning for my second season here at the point as a character escort. If you see me running around with the peanut gang feel free to say hi!

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Hey there! My name is Sydney and this is my first year working at Cedar Point (as a ride op)! :-) I'm from Connecticut, so I'll be utilizing the housing.

I've been keeping up with this forum for the past month or two to learn all about what its like / what I need to know (I just now signed up though, haha)! This is a very new and anxious experience for me, but I am excited!! :D

^welcome, you're in for a great summer! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

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Hey y'all!!!

I'm the best friend Abby mentioned in her post :)

My name is Deva (day-va) and I'm 26 and this is my second year at CP in Live E! Last summer I was part of the Peanuts crew and I loved getting to know and hang out with every single peanut (yes, even Woodstock)! I had an amazing summer and loved it so much that I stayed for Haunt and kept running around with my Peanut friends and also was a Screamster in Cutthroat Cove as well as working as Show Captain and as an office clerk a couple times a week! As soon as Haunt was over I went to King's Dominion and did their opening season of Winterfest and hung out with my girl Sally in the Peanut's Guide To Christmas show! I met SO many amazing people at both CP and KD and I can't wait to have another season with all of my Peanut friends! Aside from that I love having game nights and going on random adventures all over Ohio!

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Hi all!

I'm Mitchell, a first year employee working as a bell attendant/shuttle driver at the hotels. I'm a first year at Ohio State, soon to be second year, and I plan on arriving around the second weekend of May and leaving mid-August, looking forward to meeting a bunch of new faces and getting to know everyone!

Hi everyone!

I'm Taylor, it'll be my first year at Cedar Point and I'll be working in live entertainment as part of their costume shop! I'm so excited to be here and I can't wait to start! I'm be starting May 1st and leaving Aug 19! I hope I to get know everyone!

Hello everyone,

My name is Todd. I work in information technology this season. I was in Security in 2017,2018 and in foods in 2015. I’m looking forward meeting new people this summer.

Hi everyone,

My name is Abigail but everyone calls me AP. I had the joy of working last season as a pumpkin fest host, and I am coming back this season to work in the one team center. I have been a platinum pass holder for 3-4 years before starting my journey as a employee here, and know the park very well. I absolutely love all things CP and will try to answer any questions! I look forward to getting to meet new people and making more friends this season!

^youll definitely meet tons of people working in the OTC, the office serves the whole park ops division and associates are in and out of there all day. Hope you like inputting numbers into Excel, cause there's a lot of that at the end of the day

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