2018 Employees - Introduce Yourselves!

Hi guys I’m peter. I’m going to be working for the costume department in live entertainment. I just got my degree in theatre from CSU so I’m hoping this is the start of something big

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I'm sure I'll see you around! I'm in Live E working with the Peanuts Gang!

2018--Live Entertainment (Character Performer--Show Captain)
2018--Screamster (Cutthroat Cove)
2018--Show Performer (King's Dominion Winterfest, Peanuts Guide to Christmas)
2019--Live Entertainment (Character Performer)

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Hi! I'm Jenn, I'm going to be a character escort this summer and I'm super excited!

Can't wait to see everyone at the park :)

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Ambiance Performer- Halloweekends 2019
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Hi everyone! I'm Matt, I'm from Port Huron, MI. I'll be interning as a Security Associate this year! Can't wait to meet everyone!

Hey y'all! Im Ty Mossburg from Atlanta, GA. This will be my first year working at CP and will be working on the inaugural Steel Vengeance crew! Im looking forward to meeting everyone and bringing some southern hospitality up to the Point!

Howdy Howdy! Name's RC. I come from Illinois, and this will also be my first of hopefully many seasons working at Cedar Point. This summer I am tentatively part of the Corkscrew crew. My grandmother grew up near Cleveland and her family (grandparents, mom, aunt, uncle) are buried there. Hopefully I can go pay my respects at least once this summer. Looking forward to meet y'all in June.

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Hello everyone, I'm Damien. I'm looking forward to my third season at Cedar Point this year. I'll be helping Professor Delbert send guests over the frontier trail this year as the Location Supervisor of Frontier Fling :)

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-The Ohio State University-
2016 - Gemini
2017 - Gemini Team Leader
2018 - Frontier Fling Location Supervisor

^about time you introduce yourself lol take care of the professor, he's worked real hard to get his flying machine to that level. Hopefully I'll be over to "help" sometime ;)

2015 - Ride Host: Shoot the Rapids 2016 - Team Leader: Ripcord/Challenge Golf 2017 - Supervisor: Thunder Canyon 2018 - Supervisor: Camp Snoopy 2019 - Supervisor: Power Tower

Hey, I'm Gregory... or Greg, but that's usually what my dad goes by :P

I'm working in operations, I do not yet know which ride.

I am Brendan, creating the fun behind the bar at Famous Daves. Look forward to meeting those of you who are legal to enjoy some libations...

Hey everyone! My name Is Andrew S. Most of my friends call me shaly. I just got offered a position working at cedar point this summer in the marketing department. I'm beyond excited to be going on this adventure. I'm a huge coaster fan and I've been posting and lurking on this site for double - digit years now. This will be my first year working at the point. I'm from Dearborn Michigan and am planning on living out of my self - converted campervan for the summer. If anyone has any advice or experience in the marketing department, or just wants to say hi, please do so! Always looking to make new friends.

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Hi everyone,

Brandon here from Las Vegas. Lifelong coaster fan, accepted a position working Front Desk at Lighthouse Point. First time working at the point, but have visited a few times over the years.

It's official: I'm working Giant Wheel Triangle (Giant Wheel plus Troika and Tiki Twirl) this summer!

(Just realized I posted this in the wrong forum yesterday...)

wow, blast from the past i worked giant wheel in 1986, but in its former location

It's pretty quiet around the employee lounge...has everyone already processed in? I'm scheduled to process in next Friday 5/25.

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