2014 May Trip

My friend and I are planning a trip to Cedar Point this May. We've got two options for weekends to go, and are torn as to which to choose. We can either go on May 17th for just that one day, or go Memorial Day weekend on Saturday and Sunday. We know that more people would be there for Memorial Day, and the wait would be longer. Would it be worth it to wait a week to go an extra day, despite having more people in the park?

My calendar says May 17th is Armed Forces Day. Wonder if there will be any free admission for military which ups the attendance.

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I don't think they would ever give free admission, but that is Season Passholder Appreciation weekend so there is Exclusive Ride Time on Maverick and Millennium Force. I am going May 18,19,20 and I would not recommend going on Memorial Day weekend because they will be way too busy.

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They do give free admission on Memorial Day and 04JUL for the military. This included, AD, Guard, Reserve, veteran, etc. Just need to show valid ID (CAC, VA Card, DD214 copy, etc.)

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The weekend of May 16-18th is Season pass appreciation and you can get discounted tickets for friends for $19.99. Last year it wasn't any more crowded than in past years with the discounted admissions.

We always go this weekend to avoid the crowds (Friday is our big riding day). Staying late on Saturday is the best time to ride- since most school groups that are there for the Music in the Parks competitions leave early.
But I've never been there on Memorial Day to compare it.

Alex- how did you find the exclusive ride night info for that weekend? I've looked but can't find anything on the CP website. TIA

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Yep, you can also go here https://www.cedarpoint.com/plan-a-visit/events to see other events and the other Passholder weekend in August.

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