2 year pin?

I heard they give out pins for every year you work with them. I was a screamster last year for halloweekends and i am going to be working all season this year. Will this be considered my second year or not?

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I’m in the same boat. I’ve just been saying that this is my first year on rides and upcoming second year screamster. I count them separately. As for pins, I didn’t get a screamster pin last year, but it looks like each department/ride is getting their own special pins. You can see a few of them if you're in the Facebook group.

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You get the snoopy pin with your year on it from HR. Just go in and tell them what year you are and they give it to you as long as they have it in stock

The ride buttons are custom designed and purchased out of pocket by your ride supervisor and TL if they choose to make one

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HR doesn't really question what year you are asking for. The last year I worked there, they were somewhere around $1.25.

Got my 15 year Snoopy pin yesterday and I was not charged for it. I believe the increments are 1-5, 10, 15, 25, and 50.

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Congrats on the 15 years!

CPLE RR keeps the park grounded in tradition, always a good ride.

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