1989 Promo Video

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Interesting promo video from 1989:

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That music is terrible. It looks like video toaster stuff from a year or two later, which it might be. It sure is neat to see Avalanche Run without the building though. You can see how slow it is.

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“Rock n Roller Coast” has been around since ‘89? Seems impossible.

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Ha ha ha yeah the music is pretty bad.

Hey now, somewhere out there. Is a person who that was the biggest accomplishment of their professional music career. They wrote it and managed to sell it to a company who used it in a commercial.

Just because you don't like the a certain band or song, doesn't make it bad.

But in this case, yeah it's pretty horrible.

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That music sounds like video game music from the time. It would work in a video game like Sonic The Hedgehog for example, but it doesn't fit well in a Cedar Point video.

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Though to its credit, it encapsulated the magnificent cheesefest that was the late 80s perfectly. It's like a video someone today would make as a faux retro piece, only it's 100% authentic.

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Red Garter Rob said:

Just because you don't like the a certain band or song, doesn't make it bad.

Yes it does and I am willing to die on this hill. :)

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Red Garter Rob said:

Just because you don't like the a certain band or song, doesn't make it bad.

I admit, my eight-year old self would’ve thought the music is awesome. I also jinxed myself and had this tune stuck in my head over the weekend while out doing yard work. 😆

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I also love how they just put the Magnum XL-200 logo (with no other details at all) at the very end of the video. "Oh by the way.... we're putting this thing in. Whatever it is."

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Here's an Arrow promo video from 1989, featuring Gemini and Magnum:

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I recently came across this 1989 home movie footage. While there's a lot of moving around, the video does capture the cool details from that period of time!

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Definitely cool seeing the Frontiertown Carousel again on this video along w/ the Oceana and Jungle Larry stuff. Haven't seen that stuff in ages.

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Another cool video from 1989:


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kylepark, that's an awesome find! My mom loved having Lanigan on TV during that summer and us kids got excited over that song coming on.

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Ever since coming across that video, I like to play it every now and then. Especially in the springtime right before CP opens for the season. Puts me in a good mood!

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