Season passholder here since 1999, but no visits for me in 2020 either. I live 200 miles from the park and just didn't feel it was worth it. No early entry. Access passes. Reduced hours. I give Cedar Point credit for all of the hard work they put into reopening. I hope to be back in 2021. Everyone stay safe.

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Change of plans, no denim jacket today...

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This is a fascinating history to hear from some! Was anyone there today? How was it?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

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I was there from 4 until closing. Didn't make up my mind to actually go until a friend who works there told me to get my butt to the park to ride Blue Streak with her. It was her first time on it in years because she just lost a huge amount of weight this year. I had reservations for the whole family but only one of my kids came everyone else decided to stay inside and game all day because of the weather. It was cold but I dressed for it with insulated socks, leggings under my jeans and a down winter coat so I was fine once I was there for a little bit and got used to it. This was my first time riding a coaster in the snow. It was always quickly passing and better than rain. I'll take riding in the snow over 45 and rain any day. We rode Cedar Downs, Blue Streak, Scrambler, the train, Super Himmelaya and Corkscrew and did some clearance shopping in the Snoopy Boutique and walked the boardwalk on the way out. The last hour there was a weird ghost town vibe to everything. I thought it was worth the trip to wrap up the season I rode more yesterday than the last two good weather days I was there.

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