AAA Report.......MF

I got to the Point with my brother at around 9 this morning and we parked our bodies fairly close to the entrance gate. Next, followed what was quite possibly the longest hour of my life. I stood there for an hour with time standing still watching Raptor and Blue Streak warm up (quite surprising since rides weren't technically supposed to start until 11). 10 finally rolled around and after handing my ticket over, I began madly running down the midway (as i ran toward the steel mountain it began cycling, which *really* got my heart racing). At first, my brother kept up nicely, only to lag behind when we reached Coasters. I waited oh-so-patiently for him to catch up and we finally jogged into the line forming outside the queue.
The ride opened earlier than the scheduled 11, (about 10:15 or so) and we starting marching through the queue. We made our way to the loading station and as we approached, saw the first train of the day depart. After hurrying into the station we saw a gap in train 'two' of the day (red, car 8, row 2). We strapped ourselves in and took off. Speed, speed, speed, and you guessed it, more SPEED. My first lap was over before it even hit me, and it was beyond sweet. So sweet that it had surpassed Magnum in my book.
Speaking of Magnum, we headed over for three walk-on laps before some of the other people in the park made there way over to it (awesome as ever). After this, we wandered the park riding pretty much everything. The waits were longer than expected but not too horrible. Except for MF...

It was completely mobbed from the time we exited our first lap throughout the rest of the day. While in the Mantis station the op said she heard it was around 4 hours for MF. I pretty much wrote it off as nonsense but she hit the nail on the head. The line filled the queue and went all the way back past "Tenderfoot Pass" on the trail. I started to worry that I wouldn't get another lap in.
After a late afternoon Raptor fix we bit the bullet and headed for MF. At least now the line didn't wind half-way to meanstreak. 3 hours later, and after many attempts to start a "wave" in line, (yes, like the ones at sporting events) we reached the loading station. I figured after 3 hours, there was no way I was going to ride anything but the front, so we got in the line. 40 Minutes later, (it was down to one train for 4 or 5 laps, which was promptly taken care of by a pair of Intamin guys) I entered the red train in the front row-right for the greatest coaster ride of my life. I had already thought the world of the ride after my morning encounter, but this was coaster bliss. The front car is every bit as amazing as you have already heard, and then some. My first ride surpassed Magnum, and as much as I hate to say it, my second ride dwarfed Magnum. (Of course I'm only comparing the two because they're the two hypers standing above the rest at CP. In all honesty, they're two totally different types of great ride experiences.)

I'm sorry for rambling on so long, but I seriously had to vent after an awesome day at the Point.

Another great report. :)

Welcome back Millennium Force riders...We all want to know how was your RIDE!!!!!

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