Zombie High School Route - SPOILER ALERT

Zombie High School's route changed yesterday. SPOILERS-

The normal route takes you through several back-and-forth turns through a hallway and classrooms before taking you through a library, band room, cafeteria, computer room, dance floor, and locker room. That's an approximate order - I probably mixed some up. I probably have a "POV" of ZHS from a tour I took a while ago.

Last night, here is how the route went, if memory serves-

-After the first hairpin turn, you went right into a room that appeared to be the dance floor. You didn't go all the way through, just through the corner.
-You went through the computer room and entered the band room from another side.
-You turned into the cafeteria, where the route proceeded normally for a bit
-After the cafeteria, you cut through the computer room again (just a corner of it)
-You go right into the locker room scene's second half, bypassing the first half.

At some point, you went through the "maintenance room" that is normally there... I think it was right after the cafeteria in the normal one, but it may or may not have been in that place last night.

All in all, you skip most of the hallway scene, the library room, part of the locker room, and most of the dance floor. Why is this? Last night was very "dead" and the weather was horrid to the point where barely anything was running. Did they shorten the route to lessen the number of Screamsters needed? It seemed like there were a fair bit in that short route.

Some "screamsters" (maybe just normal employees) were guiding people through and sort of rushing people through rooms due to the route change.

I kind of hope this change doesn't happen next year, as the old route has some great scenery. Can anybody at the park today say what route is being used? I'm going Sunday when the haunts are closed.

Well, that's a bit strange. Maybe there was a shortage of staff in that area, or they decided to change it up a bit for the people who were bracing the weather on one of the last nights.

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Yeah I'm guessing it was due to not having staffing.

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Most likely, plus the fact when I went through Erie Estate last Saturday, the last third was lacking screamsters.

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There was talk in Haunt Central of a flooding issue in Zombie High. I'm guessing that's the reason for the re-route. With the outdoor zones closed, the staffing would've been higher than normal with other Screamsters filling in.

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