Wonderland trip questions

We've never been to Canada's Wonderland and thinking of a 2 night 3 day trip. Any tips on hotels close by and for-sure rides at the park? Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm guessing weekends are a NO? Thanks

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Have passports. Ride all the rides. Toronto traffic sucks.

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Passports. Almost forgot. Thanks

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Can't speak on the hotel issue... As for CW itself...

If you're going in the summer months, try to avoid the weekends...

FastLane+ will take you right into the station...

For food, I highly recommend the Backlot Cafe or any of the stands selling the footlong hotdogs... And the funnel cake...

ERT is only on Sundays, and it's for all passholders, not just platinum, and it seems everyone in Toronto has a a season's pass...

Guardian has a horrible capacity, even by CW coaster standards... And the line gets stupid long for a ride of it's caliber... If you want to ride it, hit it first thing one morning...

Don't skip the flats... It's very much the strong point of CW...

Don't rock the wings too fast on Skyhawk... A lot of people get on and just flap the wings back and forth like they're a baby bird trying to fly for the first time... To flip it, it's a 'rocking' motion where you go a bit farther each time... Put one up, and one down,,, When you feel the rotation stop, switch the direction of the wings and then shift your weight to the side you have the wing down on... When you get your first spin, just hold the wings as they are and you'll keep spinning... There is a counter on the ride, it'll count the inversions... The ride operator will usually say which seat had the most spins, and at the exit is a board with a picture of each seat, the seat number, and how many spins each person did... It is quite normal for 20 of the 24 people to get zero spins...

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Any specific questions???

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A less expensive alternative to obtaining a passport would be making your drivers license an "Enhanced" drivers license. This will allow you access to both Mexico and Canada without a passport. This is something that can be done by going to your local Secretary of State office .

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This would be true if OP lived in Michigan.

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I stayed at Hotel Novotel Toronto Vaughan when I visited a year and a half ago. CW has a great selection of flat rides.

Spring Hill suites in Vaughn are very nice, and not at a horrible price.

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