Winter Chill Out Live

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And now this pivots back to being "unfair".

The lottery portion takes care of the fairness - anyone who wants to attend, but doesn't have the time nor deep pockets all have an equal (read: fair) shot at getting tickets.


Yes. And I think what Shades meant was after that’s done the proposal of giving the losers a chance to purchase an exclusive spot at a higher price shifts it back and reintroduces an unfair aspect. Which is a bit of a stretch as none of it’s happening anyway.
It’s like the age old argument around pay-to-cut. Some of us can afford to get that and some can’t. Oh well.

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My email arrived late! After years of missing out, I FINALLY get to go! :D I will be attending the Sunday 10 AM slot. Look forward to meeting people. 😊

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I get what Shades is saying, but it's a nitpick. My hypothetical scales the biddable tickets at a couple percent of the total amount of tickets available. So it's still ~98% more fair than what they've done in the past. :-)


Taking slots away from the pool that is available to everyone so that only a select few have access to them immediately introduces unfairness, and I don't understand why this unfairness is OK but the advantage that the basement dwellers have is not OK.

The whole point of this thread was that the lottery system made it fair for everyone and that those that were complaining about it were basement dwellers. So why suggest something that introduces unfairness, even if it is only "a little bit unfair"?

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You're reading way too much into my hypothetical.


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Depends on how you look at it. Is it "unfair" that WDW is too expensive? That's not even a good comparison, because the intent of this event is to raise money for a charity. Getting something back for it is a perk, not an entitlement. Like I said, you can always donate independently of the event.

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It's a charity fundraiser first. It's never "unfair" because you can always donate without attending the event.

I know this is going to sound bad, but I disagree. Take the charity out of the event and people will still go to it. Take the event out of the picture and I would imagine that the charity would receive a much smaller check.

And I agree about being able to donate without attending the event. That is a great thing. But if fairness is not a thing then why does everyone rail on the unfairness of the basement dweller getting the tickets?


In a perfect world, I'd like to see them open and staffed to fully meet the demand.

But enough about the first two weeks of the season.

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My email arrived late!

Checks email with hope.... nope.

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Tony tweeted more emails would be going out Monday.

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Not sure how selling a few very highly-priced extra tickets (not taking away from the lottery pool) introduces unfairness. Everyone would still have an equal opportunity to buy them if they choose to do so. And it's an even bigger donation to charity. Seems like an easy win to me. The park isn't obligated to host this event at all, much less cater to every person wanting to go.

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Wow, it looks like all the stars aligned for a change and I actually get to go to Winter Chill-Out.

Except that Accesso's platform is still so badly broken that I couldn't buy my ticket on my computer. Anybody else run into that? I'm running Safari 16.2 on MacOS 12.6.2. When I clicked the NEXT button on the pop-up window, the pop-up refreshed and did nothing. Ended up having to do it on a mobile device. Anybody else run into that?

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You mean your Mac wouldn't work but your StarTac phone did?!?!?!?! ;)

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This was the year I was ready to take a day off for tickets 🪦...hopefully I'll get tickets next year.

Now you can save your day off for when CP is actually open.

Does a watched pot never boils apply to emails? :)

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No but this does: "You are logging in on a new device and we need to verify your identity. We have sent a 6 digit verification code to the e-mail address associated with your account......."


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The next batch of emails were sent this morning. Still nada for this fellow.

Tony said on Twitter there is likely to be another round. Expect that some people selected yesterday won't be able to go/won't buy tickets for whatever reason meaning those tickets would be offered again. Lifetime ticket contest deja vu all over again. LOL

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