Wind speed 16 MPH

Is that enough to shut down Sky Ride? It is 4:40 p.m. and the wind speed in Sandusky is 16 MPH and the Sky Ride is not running...again.

You’re gonna get in trouble.
There’s no need to have so many different Sky Ride threads.

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The Sky Ride series is really starting to take shape. Part 4 had a twist where the audience thought they were reading about just the wind, but then they got side swiped…BAM! SKYRIDE! Kudos on keeping it fresh.

First ride; Magnum 1994

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idk what's up with sky ride either.
But it is down a lot this season and for no obvious reason.
I rode it early this afternoon when I went out for lunch but then by dinner it was closed.
No noticeable change in the weather, no wind or rain, so maybe staffing?

And on the subject of wind, I find it odd that a ride named "Wind Seeker" closes when it's windy.
They should call it "Big Lame Swing" or something more appropriate.

Uncle Steve,

Thank you for validating me.

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You literally already had a Skyride thread going.

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Closed topic.

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