Wind Restrictions

We are visiting Saturday and Sunday this weekend from Toronto area. Our last visit was May 2019. For most of our last visit we had pretty windy conditions and Raptor and Gatekeeper were basically down the whole time.

For this weekend the forecast is showing WSW wind at 10-15mph for Saturday and W wind at 10-20mph for Sunday. Is that windy enough to shut rides down? I'm specifically hoping to get on Raptor and Gatekeeper this time around!!

Can't vouch for the coasters, but will definitely say that Skyride and Windseeker tend to be the most common wind closures. As far back as '99 I remember seeing on here something along the lines of "If someone farts in the wrong direction they'll close Skyride", and I think the irony of Windseeker being called Windseeker and closing so readily for wind has been commented upon ad nauseum.

For the coasters, I feel like a lot may depend on wind direction as well with valleying in mind.

Honestly these days I'd rather deal with wind than rain at Cedar Point. They are usually pretty good about keeping what they can open in the wind, whereas the slightest mist and the whole place shutters.

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