Wind and fast lane question

Going to the park tomorrow (thurs 6/21). Tomorrow afternoon the wind is supposed to be 15-20 mph. Will this wind speed affect the rides that may be open? I am also considering buying fast lane plus for the day. Those who have been to the park in the last week or two, do the crowds warrant buying the fast lane pass at this time? Sorry if these are common questions but I appreciate any help one can give.

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Just this morning we figured out that one year ago today my friend from St Louis and I visited Cedar Point. We’ve always agreed it was a great visit, a few food snafus aside. The weather was perfect. (It’s awfully hot this week, at least in Columbus.) was

We went ahead and sprung for FL+ that day. The park wasn’t all that busy but for rides like Maverick and MF it was more than handy and very well worth it. It allowed us (especially him) to do those rides twice and still get all the other major coasters (TTD was down then) and flats in with time to spare for re-rides and other things. Now with Steel Vengeance in the mix I’d definitely do it.

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Depending on wind speeds and direction, several rides may not be open. Raptor, Gatekeeper, Sky Ride, Dragster, and Windseeker are all rides that I've seen closed due to wind, but they only stay closed as long as they need to. So if the wind dies down, they'll re-open.

I can't speak to fast lane, but my suggestion would just be to play it by ear. Show up early, and if the lines start getting long, just buy it on-site.

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