Wicked Twister troubles

I hope this hasn't been discussed already. If it has, I apologize now for it. Anyway, does anybody know why Wicked Twister was down all day yesterday? I walked by it yesterday afternoon and there was not a Mechanic to be found.

There was also no crew members at the ride yesterday, so clearly it's expected to be down for some time...

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Down weather more than likely, no reason to keep people around if it's down weather and not coming back up. During halloweekends when magnum had winds coming off of the lake 30+ mph, then sent home everyone but a bare minimum to keep the ride open if it ever went back up.

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Wicked Twister doesn't go down for winds... it's the only ride in the park that's supposed to roll back. ;)

Last time I know of them being down and sending the crew home, it was trouble with the transformer... and it was going to be a few days before the problem was fixed.

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I've seen it down a lot this season (because my boy loves Giant Wheel). Could just be coincidence, but there have been dudes working on it almost every time.

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Didn't know of anything mechanical. In rain it dooes go down with everything else I believe, it's been awhile..that sucks for people heading in this weekend though, such a fun ride

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Wicked Twister doesn't go down for rain or winds, unless the winds are out of the ordinary and it's a torrential downpour/storm. It's one of the only rides that doesn't go down for rain actually. If it is going to be a long period of time until the ride opens up from a mechanical breakdown, the crew usually gets sent home or to a different ride.

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We were at the park Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. Wicked Twister was never running, and no crew around. Figured it was a major breakdown.


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It was running today!

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I'm surprised nobody has given the stock answer to the "Why is x ride at Cedar Point Down?"

Stock answer being "It is an Intamin!"


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Just found it to be odd since there wasn't a soul to be found July 3 and July 4th. Must have been Mechanical.

I haven't seen Wicked Twister run once this year, other than the testing on Media Day

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^ I have ridden it both times I have visited The Point, I ca assure you that it has run this season.

Rode it on 4 separate occasions this year, so......

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Yep, it's been open every time I've gone. The only thing I've noticed is that there is a loud thud on the 2nd trip up the back tower coming out of the station last time I went.

when i was there for July 1st and 2nd, it was down. I asked a staff member if they knew anything about it and she said something with mechanical problems itll be down for a while.

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Last time i was in the park it the train was sitting in the launch area just short of the forward spike. It sat there all day with no mechanics in site. I was sad to see this because Wicked Twister is (IMO) one of the most underated rides in the park. I hope they get this issue resolved.
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i wonder if this is another coaster thatll be dismantled due to reliability..

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I was in the GK line and heard somebody say it was struck by lightning, but that comment might go on that other post of "things you hear in line".

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