Wicked Twister?

The belt is definitely shorter. For context, I’m 5’6, 180 lbs (size 36 pants) and I used to have no problem fitting. I dropped 5 lbs over the winter and I had to be STAPLED to fit. The ride ops admitted that the belts were shortened when they were installed. There’s going to be a lot of people kicked off this summer.

Also, the test seat’s belt is a fair bit longer than those on the station, so it would appear that it did not get changed.

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Cedar Point, home of the BIGGEST & BADDEST coasters and the SHORTEST safety belts. So dumb.


I don't understand some of these changes. For years and years, no known problems with people on a ride so they decide to make such dramatic changes? Why? Those poor guests.

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On a lighter note: the train is super smooth and feels faster than I can ever remember. New wheels ?

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Why? They want you to buy more of the low calorie healthy food options they have all around the park. :D

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Shorter seat belts keep the lines shorter too!

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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On a lighter note:


XS NightClub said:

Shorter seat belts keep the lines shorter too!

I wouldn't think. People don't know they don't fit until they get to the station and try. Then they likely spend a lot of time trying, the crew spends time trying, and then if we're lucky the person starts arguing and throwing a fit which delays things even longer.

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Do people really argue and throw fits about not fitting? Not much anyone can do if the ride doesn’t secure you.

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I think some of it is carelessness. Two weeks ago I barely fit on Magnum and Gemini; today I barely fit on Gemini but Magnum’s belts have grown by about 4”. I think someone forgot to calibrate his tape measure before cutting new belts.

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Do they cut their own belts from bulk nylon? I always thought the manufacturers would supply belts.


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New for 2019: Wicked Twister, the only impulse coaster made exclusively for runway models.

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I fail to see the point in having a test seat if the belt on the test seat is longer than the ones in the station...

GL2CP said:
Do people really argue and throw fits about not fitting? Not much anyone can do if the ride doesn’t secure you.


Then they will point at another guest waiting in line and say “if they fit, it’s bull crap because they’re bigger than me” 😑

In terms of the seatbelts, in a lot of cases, the seatbelts are all the same length. The actual harnesses are not all equal. Take row 8/right side for example. It is the most restricting seat on the whole ride. Same length seatbelt as the rest of the train, but the way the harness is welded, it’s a very tight fit.

I just don’t understand why they don’t have 1 person of above average size sit in every single seat, and then they measure out the seatbelts that way based off of that 1 person. With the double cylinders on each harness, it is near impossible for any restraint to fail.

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I had a problem and didn’t fit many years ago (could have been that row 8 seat) when I was 30 lbs heavier. I was fine in 2016 at the size I am now, front row right side, I dont even factor this as a ride I’m going to ride anymore because of what I’ve heard.
I have no issue in any other ride in the park and the lack of consistency from test seat to each row makes WT a source of anxiety so I just don’t go on.

I’m on board with tearing it down and moving it. Open up that area for something better.

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I gave up on Wicked Twister years ago. It was my first and only walk of shame ever. I didn’t get it, either. I’ll admit over the years I haven’t gotten any smaller, but it almost seems like the only people who can fit are the ones who will also be too short to ride.
(not really, they run full trains all day long, so I’m just bitter)

So would I be in favor of a replacement that I could fit into? I guess.

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Good think neither one of you is over 6'6" or we wouldn't have anything left to ride.

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I'm 6'1 215 pounds, I can put the seatbelt myself of WT no issue but needless to say pretty much no wiggle room. maybe one more notch. I have to try that seat 8 right one of these times when there is no line, if I don't fit oh well.

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I am absolutely not on board for them tearing it out and moving it somewhere. I am however on board for them showing a little love to the ride to attract more riders. A fresh new paint job and consistent restraints on an impulse coaster I would assume are a lot cheaper than tearing it down and moving it.

It’s amazing (and not in a good way) how the popularity has declined so quick due to negative reviews from guests of “exceptional” size, when in reality, the restraints aren’t forgiving unless you’re proportioned just right.

This ride holds some nostalgia with me. It’s just very frustrating that they don’t figure out this issue with the restraints.

Oh, I would ride it every time if the line wasn’t too long. My seat was the second to the last row on the right- the unobstructed straight-down view on the back spike was always so thrilling. And it was one of those rides that seemed to be better than I remembered, each time I rode.
I speak of Wicked Twister in the past tense not because I’m sure it’s going away, but because it looks like I’ll never ride it again. Unless something drastic happens.

And I agree it needs some love and attention. For the life of me I don’t know why Tiki Twirl didn’t go against the Coliseum like Rotor, Schwabinchen, and Chaos did. It seems to block WT a little where it is and as far as I can tell it would’ve fit perfectly across the street. Fix up the little plaza in front of the coaster with nice trees and plenty of seating, and make a grander entrance gate to the ride. Showcase it better.

But until they start letting us fatties on, they can TAER IT DOWN!!1!!!1

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