Who many time's did you get to ride TTD in its two years with the world recored?

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I was just woundering, how many times have you people got to ride TTD, as the Tallest and Fastest. I've gotten only six rides. Even know thats not alot but I loved every minute of them. The one I loved the most Especially was, a night ride in the front seat. That was so alsome! *** Edited 11/16/2004 1:35:59 AM UTC by daniel smith***

Um, you probably mean *How many times did you get to ride TTD in its two years with the world record?*

And unfortunately, because I spent one of those years of my life being a total scaredy cat, I rode 4 times this fall.

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Magnum still rocks.

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twice front row, once back row, twice in the middle!

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Yah I did catch that. Sorry

So far I have ridden TTD 75 times and 1 rollback.

2 , i live in oregon

I've ridden it 19 times, and 6 times in the front row.
And I live in Columbus, Ohio.

I rode it three times. All three of which were this season. I attempted, but did not got to ride it the first 2 out of 4 trips this season. Finally rode it once (2nd to front) on my third trip. Then twice on my final and BEST trip of the season.

The best ride I've ever had on TTD was my last launch of the season, at night, front seat, gold train. It was so, so, so amazing.

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12 times (2 front row, 1 rollback!!)

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4 times for me. Three of which have been in the front seat. I live 547 miles away :( But I'll be going back! May 7th!!!!

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So far I have ridden Top Thrill Dragster a total of 53 times. The bulk of those rides came on Halloweekends Fridays, when we would just get off and back on again with a minimal wait. I'm sad that of those rides, (3 front seat) none were rollbacks. Oh well there's always next year:)

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I've only ridden TTD three times. I have children who, until this fall, were under 48" so family trips didn't often include rides where the wait would be extensive for me. I managed one ride this summer with a FreeWay stamp (which actually saved me absolutely NO time) in September. My other two rides were on opening day '03 and opening day '04. So, even though my counter is low, I can still say I rode TTD the first day it was open to the public!

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7 times for me I only go once a year, but not next year when i get my season pass, hope to see ya on the midway next summer

I lost count after 50 but I think I'm in the region 53-56. Still 2 years without a rollback though.

I have only ridden it twice. I've been to CP three times since TTD opened, but the first two times it was down.

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I know I rode TTD 49 times last year (1 rollback) and a ton this year (1 rollback again, this time front row). Only kept track the first year. I do know that I did ride it a lot more this year than I did the first year it opened (that was not hard because I think TTD ran a lot better this year and wasn't down for an entire month again!).

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Zip Zero Nada. The three times i went i was greeted at the entrance by a sign that says T.T.D. will not be open today. Luckly i wrote a letter to cp and i got a response from Monty Jasper. Although im dissapointed i wont get on it when it holds the record, there will be bigger and better coasters in the future... *** Edited 11/16/2004 2:36:01 AM UTC by FunkyJive***

I got 55 rides in 2004 and i've gotten 72 lifetime. I still haven't managed to get a rollback yet.

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I've got 45 rides with 1 rollback.

Just read my signature and you'll know. The rollback was early in the 2004 season and was also a day I was able to ride around 7 or 8 times.

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