Who is all going to Coastermania?

I am. It should be fun even if Windseeker is not open. I still need to ride Shoot the Rapids. Hope the weather is OK.

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I'll be there with some of my friends from KI.

I'll be there going by myself as usual. That's alright because I have met quite a few of you from Pointbuzz who are all great people! :)

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I'll be there for sure. I sent in an entry for the film festival and I hope it makes it to the list because it's quite funny and I think everyone will enjoy it. And I think it tops my film from last year. :)

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I'll be there. Wife and kids are going too but we have an understanding that this is about coaster time, not family time. :)

Really looking forward to it!

I'll be there.Millennium Force at 5:30am, who needs coffee.

I will be at CoasterMania and can only hope Millennium Force ERT will be as good as the 1 hour Platinum Pass Holder ride night was last night!

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I will be going! I can't wait!

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I'm in. My first coastermania so im pumped. Is the lunch on saturday usually good?

sweitz said:
I'm in. My first coastermania so im pumped. Is the lunch on saturday usually good?

Even if its mediocre, its free. I will not be buying any food inside the park this weekend.........
take that back... Elephant Ears...

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Cedar Point does catering very well. The lunch and the Friday evening appetizers will both be good.

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Here's my video for anyone who couldn't make it. It won by the way. :)


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Good Job! Congrats on the Win!

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Adam, awesome video. Wish I could have made it this year. How was the keynote?

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What a great video, that was really awesome. How long did that take to make?


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There were several people recording the speech. I'm sure someone will post it eventually.

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Terrific job, Adam! And congratulations on winning. :)

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haha Adam - How long did you spend on that?!

I don't know, but we might have a budding cinematographer in our midst.

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Actually, it's my friends who are the cinematographers. I'm just the guy with an idea. I don't know the first thing about cinema quality cameras, the movie bizz, or how to write and produce. :P

It took about 5 days to shoot and edit it after counting in work and other obligations.

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