What's up with Breakwater Cafe?

So on Monday night I drive back over by Sandcastle Suites and notice Breakwater Cafe was closed around like 8. A friend of mine was also at the park a couple weeks ago and said it was also closed when they wanted to go for dinner. Anyone know what's up?

I, too, seem to have come upon it closed very often in recent years--at an hour when you would definitely expect it to be open. How are the folks who stay in Sandcastle (or those at LP or CV who want -not- to cook a meal for a change) supposed to eat after visiting the park? Take the shuttle to the Breakers, I suppose.

Breakwater has always seemed to have problems, food and/or service-wise. (Please don't misunderstand me--most of the employees with whom I've interacted there over the years have been fine. I'm just speaking in generalities....none of my experiences have been "above average."

It's a brilliant concept, poorly executed. The menu has changed several times, from relatively upscale to "standard" fare, including some Pizza Hut fare. Don't know what its status is this year. Perhaps the breakfast buffet is its most successful venture.

It's always struck me a shame, because that's probably hands down the best possible location on the peninsula for a sit-down restaurant, with a fabulous view of the entrance to the Bay. The park could give the place more publicity, but it's likely too far away to get the G.P.'s or non-resort guests' attention.

Some days, I wish they would take Bay Harbor and move its operation to that location.

Anyway, I'm with you, CPboy77...sorry I can't give you a definite answer.

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I ate at Breakwater 3 or 4 years ago and really liked it. Great food, great prices, and great views. I think I had a fettuccine alfredo dish with soup and breadsticks for like $13. The next year I went back to find the menu had changed to mostly $25+ steaks and took a pass on it. I think the relatively isolated location of the restaurant, along with the difficulty the park has in getting people to move anywhere north of the resorts gate probably makes business not that great.

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Breakwater is supposed to have a both a breakfast buffet and a dinner buffet this year, kind of like the Coffee Shop does this year at the Breakers. It may not be open for the season yet, I know the Sand Bar food stand at the Sandcastle pool is not open yet. Both places may open together at the end of June, when the hotel is busier.

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Did they use to serve fish at this place? Frankly, I'm surprised they haven't rethemed it to a particular restaurant style. Maybe that has something to do with its location. Seems like only Sandcastle guests and maybe Lighthouse Point folks go here.

In comparison, my family never went the Boathouse. However, after it was converted to Famous Dave's, we've gone every year. I don't see what the draw is to make people go to Breakwater.

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I miss when the Boathouse had Montgomery Inn ribs... ::sigh::

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I always used to go to Breakwater for breakfast since it
the only place on the Point that served hotcakes. Haven't
been back since that option was discontinued.

I used to go to Breakwater Cafe when it first opened. At that time they had a wonderful varied menu with some great food and drinks. They also had a small bar with a patio with a great view of the lake. The last time I visited about four years ago the food was on par with Denny’s, the bar was closed as was the patio, and the service was horrible. Needless to say I have not been back since. I will also comment that the rooms at Sandcastle Suites were below average, especially for the price.

Cedar Point has such a beautiful piece of property there, and the view from inside Breakwater Café is stunning, I just hope that they get it back to what it once was.

Too hard to get to. Not situated in the best spot.

For people who go to the park we see what you would expect, Chik-Fil-A. Panda, Subway.......

If we check out the map enough, or observe park signs enough...we might find out there is a TGI Fridays and Famous Daves on the sides of the peninsula.

The park could advertise what dining options they do have a little better. I think one problem is just people have to walk so much at the Point that to walk up to Breakwater....just doesn't appeal to people who are hungry...and will impulse buy a $8 burger.

Hotcakes.......you mean pancakes? lol

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i miss the Boathouse....sigh. best biscuits and gravy ever.

last time we were at CP nothing was open for breakfast!! NOTHING! it was late May. mo Breakwater, no Boathouse (it was still the Boathouse but had no breakfast service anymore), no Friday's...just the Coffee Shop and that was a HORRIBLE buffet. had Breakwater been open at that time we would have gone there.

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New for 2009, Breakwater Cafe has a revised menu with numerous new offerings served buffet style for both breakfast and dinner. The restaurant offers a full bar and breathtaking views of Sandusky Bay. Breakwater Cafe also provides limited room service to the Sandcastle Suites hotel.

Breakwater Cafe's days and hours of operation are subject to change without notice. Currently, the restaurant is open daily for breakfast and Friday and Saturday nights for dinner and room service. During peak season, Breakwater Cafe will operate for both breakfast and dinner daily.

When Breakwater Cafe is not open for business, a free shuttle is available at the entrance to Sandcastle Suites, providing on-demand service to Coffee Shop at Hotel Breakers for breakfast beginning at 7:00am, and TGI Friday's on the Beach, Famous Dave's, Bay Harbor, Tomo, or the Coffee Shop Buffet for dinner.

For the latest information and current hours, please call the Cedar Point Information Line at 419-627-2350.

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Thanks for the info. I'll bet it has the best view of any buffet restaurant on Lake Eerie. They probably wouldn't do much lunch business regardless, so it makes sense that they don't offer it.

Oh well, buffets work because this is America...and "people have to eat", right?

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What are your thoughts on this dining location? It seems to have never gotten past 1991 (the décor, etc.) We walked in here over the summer and walked back out because the food looked pathetic and it was empty. It's a beautiful building and situated on one of the most amazing locations on property. Would a national chain restaurant (Outback Steakhouse?) bring people in?

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CP has the unique ability to run any national chain food service into the ground; the servers are very poorly trained, food is sub-par, and wait times are horrendous.

That being said, they have plans back there and have been looking at using it in differing ways other than just a standard standalone food service outlet. They have some pretty exciting options and I believe they're waiting to implement them until there's something else to draw to that area (I'm looking at you Sandcastle).

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It'd be great if it could be a quasi-bar-night club from 10PM-2AM.... the fact that it's not connected to Sandcastle would help with the noise. I could see the center of the restaurant having a large dance floor.

I know when my wife and I cruise, we love drinking and hanging out in the night clubs.

On our trip this year we bought several drinks at Surf Lounge until closing and hung around the fire pits. But we would have certainly made the trip over to Breakwater if it would stay open late and offer a DJ and dance floor.

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I agree with this 100 percent. The last 2 years my girl and I went to CP we were bummed out that there is still no legit late night bar/club type atmosphere within walking distance of Breakers.

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Both Breakwater and Bay Harbor are stuck in the '80's. Both have amazing views but the need a complete remodel. I would love to see some kind of a Margaritaville type place where Breakwater Cafe is. I would love to go and hang out with my favorite beverage watching the boat traffic in the channel and enjoy views of Marblehead and Kelly's Island.

Bay Harbor just needs a complete remodel to bring it up to date. We eat there fairly frequently and love hanging outside with cocktails in the summer. Food and service has been very good. In fact, we are eating there again Friday or Saturday evening.

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I feel like the future of Breakwater is directly tied to what happens with Sandcastle Suites. I would love to see a renovation of the restaurant to become more attractive. It is not a short walk to get there from Breakers, which I think keeps people away.

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Hooters. There was an article here on PointBuzz years ago that Hooters was coming to CP but it never happened. Turn Breakwater Cafe into a Hooters.

*Yes this is meant as a joke, just like the April Fools article was a joke. Besides, Tilted Kilt >>> Hooters. So turn Breakwater Cafe into a Tilted Kilt.

**Yes that was a joke, too. Geez.


Having never stepped foot inside this location what's the food like? Is it just the same frozen burgers, fries and tenders found throughout the park just in a sit down full service location? Or is the food actually a step or 3 above that?

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