What was the theme story behind Disaster Transport about?

I heard when the ride first opened there were robots, TV monitors, and other types of space props. Does anybody know what the story was Cedar Point was trying to convey with all of the props? What was the adventure about?

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Dissapointment Transport.
The theme was 'wait in line for an hour in a musty dank dirty warehouse lit by black lights and bad decisions for slide ride with the intensity of a sit-n-spin'.
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Yes, the concept was that "Dispatch Master Transport" was kind of a intergalactic Fed Ex service. The idea was that your ship was flying cargo of some type from Sandusky to Alaska. A good room by room breakdown of the queue is available on one of these threads, but if you look at the early versions of the ride's Logo, you can see the "patch Mas" from Dispatch Master being hit by an asteroid and leaving the word "Disaster" behind.
A remnant of this theme was the zapping noise you always heard at the bottom of the lift hill (that always made newbies jump). This was originally the cargo allegedly being beamed into your bobsled. Before you set off.

The queue building was so noisy that it was difficult to hear the animatronics and videos explaining the storyline, so very little made sense. As a result, when you got off the ride the crew member speiling would tell everyone to have a great day in Alaska. Half the crowd generally thought she was being sarcastic about the hot summer weather and the other half were just confused as hell. After the flood wiped out the animatronics and as the line diminished the whole storyline was gradually abandoned...
All in all the concept wasn't bad but the execution stunk.

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The story line was actually quite funny and entertaining in its first year of operation. The problem was that the acoustics in the building sucked so understanding the dialog was very challenging. If they would have built a higher quality building the ride probably would have been much more successful.

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I thought for the time (and the place) it wasn't all that bad. But true, the pre-show was always drowned out by everyone talking loudly over it.

I always thought the DISpatch mASTER Transport concept was a direct rip off of Hollywood Tower Hotel. Or was it the other way around?
Anyway, in the end it made a better haunt than a ride. I rather liked the pleasant, if not lame, bobsled ride on the beach and always wished they had left it the way it was.

Fun personal fact: I was the very first public rider on Avalanche Bobsled. No, really.

One late spring my late, great friend Tom Bowers from Boston, visited me in Ohio for his first-ever visit to Cedar Point. The day didn't start out well, as it was rainy and many of the rides were down. Avalanche's debut had been delayed for some reason (Intamin?) and it was clear we weren't getting on that either. Tommy was very upset and I tried to make light of it, to no avail.
Once the afternoon cleared up the crowds were very light and we rode everything. Gemini was CP's biggest ride and Tom's first "megah coastah". Sometime in there we walked over to Avalanche which we could hear testing. An op was at the entrance turning people away, but said "pssst...guys. We're going to open for the first time in about 15. Wanna be the first ever to ride? Stay here." Well, SHORE! So we stood there for what seemed like an eternity while the sleds rumbled overhead, then they finally let us in. We were the first up the stairs and I was the first GP rider to step into the front row of a sled. We liked it well enough, and rode it a few times before everyone in the park caught on and the line got long.

Throughout our friendship we always brought that fun day up, and what a treat that ride on Avalanche was for us. I wish he was still around to ride with me.

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I know where the original Laser Disc is of the monitor content. Perhaps I can convince him to digitize it... What I am saddest about losing is the ShowScan motion picture film and projector from the very top of the ride. Those projectors are super rare and the film was custom made for CP. They were both just bashed down with the building... <deep sigh>

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