What is the best way to get to Cedar Point from NYC?

Thanks for your help!

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Practice, practice, practice.

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Use Google Maps to get directions. When you are driving there, use the Waze app as your GPS. It has real time information and will route you the fastest way. I had it reroute me on the way to Tenessee when traffic got backed up to go around the traffic.

Are you asking for driving directions, or alternate means of transportation?

XS NightClub -

If it’s near you, Try https://www.megabus.com very cheap and you can sleep on way.

Also, do not rely solely on google maps, it’s well known to not always be the best route. Try using a couple different map services and see what route is best.
Also, like Thabto said, use one with traffic alerts. We are in Road construction season peak time.

Shane Denmark -

I second the Google maps comment... The turn by turn GPS has taken us through some sketchy areas and up into the mountains to save 5 minutes. I just wanna get on the interstate and go, especially when pulling a camper.

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