What food items would you like to see added to the parks menu?

Healthy type food typically has a terrible shelf life. This makes it harder to keep proper stock levels at low prices.

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Actually they don't price too high on the healthy options that are currently available, The fresh fruit cups are large portions I think for around $5 if I remember correctly.

The grapes and watermelon made for a great snack on a hot day.

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I typically avoid eating in amusement parks (aside from chili cheese fries at Cedar Point). I was at SFGAm yesterday and my blood sugar started to crash; I needed food in me ASAP. The sandwich my friend and I shared (about the size of my fist) and two Cokes came to $23.

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A good Gyro.. Like the ones from the Pita food truck last weekend. That was insanely good and I've spent a LOT of my life eating Greek food.

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Saloon Junkie said:

I'd like to see a place that has wraps. Buffalo chicken wraps with lettuce and cheese.

Pretty sure you can get that at Frontier Inn.


I thought C&P had wraps too?

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They do, they're surprisingly good. I'm not the largest fan of their cheese steaks. Their buffalo chicken one is always a bit dry. The wrap seems more like their cutlets and does taste better. At least the few times I've had them.

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I am a big supporter of Red Garter Rob's gyro suggestion.

Other than that, I would like to see a few more options included on the meal plan. Aside from some ice cream and a few funnel cake/waffle fries purchases, we have limited our park eating to what is on the "free menu" through the meal plan. There have been a few times I would have preferred a different item, but it makes no sense for me to get a 10% platinum pass discount on item X when I can get a 100% discount on item Y. I would rather pay [nothing] for something I can tolerate than pay an outrageous price for something I really want (with the exception of drinks at the Trail Tavern).

If they don't want to expand the meal plan menu, then at least make it uniform and allow me to get the same item regardless of where it is prepared/sold. I can get a free walking taco on the meal plan at the main midway near Raptor, but it I want one back by the Town Hall, I have to pay full price for it. Why is that? Same food, same price, same cost to CP...

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You do realize that is done on purpose, right?

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Yes, I do realize that. It doesn't make it any less frustrating, though.

I'm waiting for the day, I come to the Coca-cola marketplace on the frontier trail, and they have cups of Blueberries.

Just put blueberries in a Baggie and take them with you. You can get a pint at Kroger for what that cup would cost you.

My turn to bring back a zombie thread. But this one's last comment is only like 2.5 years old.. so not too bad right?

Anyways, I just wanted to say I was super impressed with the new offerings at KI this year when I went on their opening day. Specifically at the Miami River Brewhouse.

First of all, the restaurant had about 5-7 options on the dining plan. 3-4 entree's and two items either on the appetizer menu and a salad. I wish I would've taken a pic but I wasn't thinking.

I got the Pubhouse burger which was two patties and your standard topping. The burger tasted like it was fresh beef. I can not confirm if it was or not but it definitely tasted fresh. It also reminded me of a Shake Shack burger if you've ever had one. 8/10 would recommend.

Also the set up was nice, order at a cashier and you're given a pager/location device. Grab your drink and a seat and your food is brought to your table. Total service time was about 8-10 minutes. Not bad for opening day and we ate around 11am and they were just starting to get a lunch rush.

If this is the direction CF is going with their offerings I'm very excited with the two new restaurants opening this summer at Point. I was told Back Beat BBQ will be more along the lines of Coney Island BBQ at KI which I have not yet tried. If that's the case I'm really hoping in 2020 CP can open something similar to Miami River Brewhouse.

For clairity, while Miami River has some BBQ options like pulled pork sliders, it's focus didn't seem to be just on BBQ.

Edit: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/march/new-brewhouse-rest...ngs-island

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I'm dubbing this new era of Cedar Fair the "Zimmermann food renaissance."

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I would like to see gyros be sold somewhere at the park. I discovered gyros after getting frequent pickups at a local gyro restaurant on Doordash. After picking them up so many times and smelling it in my car while driving those orders, I tried a gyro myself one day and they are now one of my favorite things.

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^This. I feel like that could easily be added to the menu at Frontier Foldovers. And gyros are delicious.

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An authentic taqueria would be nice. If you've never had an authentic taco, they're fantastic. Rather than crunchy u-shaped corn shells, you get a small tortilla (about the size of your average round drink coaster) topped with meat, onions, pineapple, and cilantro (you do the folding yourself.) They're small enough to eat two or three easy and they're super delicious.

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A taqueria option would be great! Fresh authentic Mexican would be a welcome addition that could work for many families.

But since the portion size is smaller than a Volkswagen Jetta, the complaints on here and at the park's 'Make Me Whole' desk would be deafening.

To placate the savages demanding 4,000 calorie meals, perhaps one of those ridiculous burritos-as-big-as-your-head options.... or they could stick with the single slice of Bosco mystery-ingredient pizza for the 4K cal count.

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I would like to see a place that serves breakfast type food in the park. It could have something like waffles, pancakes, donuts, muffins, etc. That would be a nice addition to the park since most hotels stopped serving breakfast. And then I could use my first meal on my plan when I first get there and that could hold me over until later in the day to use my second meal.

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Thabto said:

I would like to see a place that serves breakfast type food in the park. It could have something like waffles, pancakes, donuts, muffins, etc.

Reminds me of that's what it was free at GateKeeper Media Day on May 9,2013 at Midway Market at 8:30am.

Also there was eggs, sausage links, and sausage patties.

I do remember getting stuffed and then getting stuffed again for the free lunch at Midway Market. And then, after that, walking around the park with all the food places 'practicing' for opening day and ended up getting many free french fries.

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