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So I've scoured these forums for awhile and I really wanted to know if anyone knows where some of the props have gone from the Paddlewheel Excursions ride since its closure, It's been a fun hobby of mine to try and keep track of them, so far I know that Muddy Rivers and the pig bath scene are both reused in the Blood on the Bayou Halloweekends attraction, I suspect that the Hatfield and McCoy scene animatronics were reused in the pirate attraction as well, and I know that the Delbert animatronic has his own attraction now; does anyone know if any of the stages still remain and of any other prop reuses?

The elk...'Elkon John' is inside Forbidden Frontier.

After finding the elk, we watched out for the cougar...'John Cougar', did not find the cougar.

In one of the Harvest Fear booths (Halloweekends) that faces the Antique Cars, there is a beaver (I believe) that opens and closes its mouth.

I've wondered if that was good ol' Bucky the Beaver, from both the Western Cruise and the earlier days of Paddlewheel Excursions. He was gnawing on a tree at about the point where the new pontoon bridge enters the island at the Forbidden Frontier entrance. It may not be Bucky; but, it would seem odd to me to have made a new animatronic beaver just for Harvest Fear.

I also think I may have spotted Spot the Bear in Eerie Estate (could be wrong); he used to stand on the corner of the island (Western Cruise) that faces Snake River Falls. Seems to be about the right size, with one of his paws stretched high. But I could also be totally wrong on that one as well.

Also: at least one of the old buildings from the Canfield & McGee scenes is still on the mainland, in a dilapidated state. You can see it if you look fast enough: riding the CP&LE, on the left side of the coach, just past the moonshine scene by the Mine Ride. Glimpse into the trees toward the lagoon.

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The Canfield and McGee figures are indeed in Cutthroat Cove. As well as the dog Spot who I believe was in the Trapper Dan scene (although Spot has moved over to Mine Ride this year.) And that is indeed Bucky in Harvest Fear.

The bear in Eerie Estates has been there since the house opened in 2009, so he's definitely not one of the Paddlewheel bears. Not sure if Western Cruise had a different bear, but if they did, there's a good chance that's him.

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Kinda a follow up but last time I checked (2018 season) the cedar river charters stage was still there without some of the props or animatronics and so is the lighthouse, they also had one of the boats in storage near rougarou , does anyone know if the town of Seville is still there or any props from that because that's one stage I have no idea on it's current whereabouts

I believe at one point they sold all but one of the (newer, smaller) Paddlewheel Excursions boats. I remember seeing one in dry dock by the river in Huron 6 or 7 years ago when I happened to be there.

The one that was stored by Rougarou used to be hauled out and hooked up as a scene toward the end of Blood on the Bayou, even as recently as this past season, I believe.

I'm wondering if it (or a different one) is now what is used, having been heavily redecorated, as the north "station" /queue area for the "pull-your-raft-across Snake River Swamp" attraction at Forbidden Frontier.

I'm surprised I never noticed it in Blood on the Bayou before! It most likely is now used on Forbidden Frontier because I believe another one of the boats is currently in storage in Sandusky after being auctioned off, I may be mistaken though

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Western Cruiser & Millenium904, I am convinced that the one that is currently in Forbidden Frontier is the one that previously was stored near Rougarou. It is certainly greatly modified from it's previous appearance, but is seems to be the same size vessel as opposed to the larger ones that were used on Paddlewheel Excursions. Many props to the CP carpenters for their work. I would have loved to see this work in progress, for instance was it lifted out & trucked over, or was it towed thru the water to it's present location? I am not sure if there are obstacles such as bridges.

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In the 8\04 Sandusky Register there is a sweet article about a couple who got married at Cedar Point 50 years ago. Bill & JayneDjubek, it stated that Bill was a Captain on Western Cruise. Very sweet story if anyone is interested. I don't know how to post links.

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Thank you Walt.

Some of the Western Cruise bears are part of the one room in the Boeckling Estate Haunted House. Also, the some of the "original" Western Cruise boats were sold to a Cleveland group and used (may still be in use) as the water taxi in the Flats entertainment district.

Old Timer Tim, you're right. And years ago, a gentleman purchased one to refurb; it sunk as it was being towed across Lake Erie. He later purchased the Ogontz (beautiful boat) and ran it as an "evening cruise" for a couple of seasons in Port Clinton and then one season at a marina near Castaway Bay (on River St, I believe). Of course, a few years ago, a different group purchased (or obtained) the old Winnebago and even ran it out of the CP Marina for a season. I want to say, looking at some pictures, that that was in 2012.

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Thanks for the info everyone! I'm pretty sure that the one stored near rougarou is the Forbidden Frontier prop now. I just heard about the new river excursions attraction planned for 2020 and I'm honestly extremely excited to see it happen!

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