Weight requirements- can a big man fit (and a little rant)

Currently, I am 272 lbs and just curious of weight requirments for various thrill rides. Cedar Point is a last resort since I want to go on a different vacation due to my weight and Cedar Point's recent changes since 2012-2013 (I also went in August last year with a horrible thunderstorm, which was the final straw of letdowns for the park, even though it wasn't the park's fault).

Would I still fit even if I fallen off the wagon?

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When you fell off the wagon did you, by any chance, land on your head?

You had a little rant, so now it's my turn. (Disclaimer: I'm not holding anything back) How do you let yourself get that fat? Honestly, it never makes sense to me how it's possible for the entirety of this country, including you, to be so heavy. Do you just eat and not realize it? And if you do want to go, instead of just accepting it and never going, why not change your life for the better, and lose weight? The main thing that you really need is to watch what you eat. Cut out almost all sugar, and weight should melt off of you. If possible, work out a lot too. Not at planet fitness, they are catering to people too lazy to work out, and have the equipment to prove that. Honestly, 50 pounds for you seems pretty achievable in a year, so if you start now, you should be able to go on everything at Cedar Point except maybe Wicked Twister by 2018.

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Shane Denmark -

He doesn't say how tall he is. If he's 5'5" then 272lbs is absolutely huge. If he's 6'4" it's not awful. And don't even start with me about the "accepted healthy weights"... I'm 6'4" and when I was 200lbs (9th & 10th grade, over 20 years ago) I was skin and bones. Granted I've put on a lot of weight the past couple years and it's not because I just stuff my face. There are other factors at play.

Go Intamin -

Very true, that's possible. I just assumed he was the average height (about 5'10") for simplicity's sake.

There are no weight requirements, it depends on if you can fit on the rides or not. At 5'9" , male, and 245lbs, (40" pant size) I could fit on everything but Wicked Twister. Had to get assistance on lap belt on TTD, which some years they aren't willing to do, and is embarrassing either way.

Down 50lbs this year, hoping to ride everything easily.

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I've lost 10 pounds so if I maybe I do have a chance to visit this year if things go accordingly. with weight loss.

I am 5"10 1/2 and now 260 pounds. Before 272 lbs when I made that rant and plus I'm young enough to have better metabolism.

XS NightClub -

My first year to CP in 2011 I was about 275 at 5'11" and I got on everything. Needed some help on MF and MaxAir. It was a serious wakeup call to me and I changed my lifestyle because of that trip, I'm now 190. I don't look down on anyone for their weight, but understand the for most people it is their lifestyle choices to be that heavy and I wish them the best for change.

Shane Denmark -

Congrats on the weight loss. That's awesome.

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