Weight limits for certian coasters

I might go on of the later HalloWeekends so I just want to know what are the weight limits for Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, MaxAir, and other coasters (like anything from B&M)..

I weigh 260 lbs early this morning and I am 5'10 and 1/2".

How much should I lose for at least a few weeks since I have some metabolism left. I probably won't fit on all of the rides, but can I still fit on a few rides if I'm going.

If HalloWeekends falls flat, then I'm probably going to lose enough weight to go for summer 2018.

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Weight has nothing to do with it. Size, however, is everything.
What are your pants? I'm in 38s, which is fine for the seat belts, but my fat is above the belt buckle, which sometimes isn't fine for lap bars.

Maybe not to worry. If you're waiting to go on the last of the Halloween weekends you won't get a lot of rides anyway.

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