Wednesday May 28th!!

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Me and my sis are going to Cedar Point Wednesday, May 28th. I am soo excited!! Not only is it going to be my first time back in 3 years. But it is also the first time that my sis is going to ride A LOT of the coasters. She has only ridden Blue Streak, Raptor, DT, and Iron Dragon. She is afraid of the other ones and I CANNOT wait to get her loving them like I do.

But anyway I would love to meet some people from Point Buzz. So if anyone is going to be at CP wednesday May 28th we should meet up if you want. I'm not sure what we are wearing yet, so here are our pics instead. This pic is me (Jess):

and this is my sis (Christine):

If anybody from here sees us, make sure you say hi please! :)

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

I'll be there with some people, just look for Pointbuzz pins!

Terror Island Screamster 08', 09', 10', 11'

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Yay! I will do that. :) I figured that in every queue I will just start talking to my sis about Point Buzz, and hope that someone around me says, "Hey, I post on there too!". Anyway, hope to see you there! :)

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

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I'll be there too!! Not a clue what I will wear, but I hope to meet someone. See you there!!

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