Website says closed today for inclement weather...

...however, the park is open. I am confused again.

Only Cedar Point Shores is closed, park is open.

number of times to Cedar Point:50s/60s/70s/80s-3,1995-1,1996-27,1997-18,1998-13,1999-20,2000-16,2001-8,2002-7,2003-18,2004-14,2005-18,2006-28,2007-16,2008-17,2009-28,2010-26,2011-27,2012-21,2013-18,2014-24,2015-29,2016-46,2017-13,2018-14,2019-10,2020-0,2021-3 Running Total-483 72,000 miles traveled for the point.

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CP Shores is closed, I'm assuming, because the high is 70 and won't be happening until 6 PM tonight. Additionally, it looks like it's very windy again.

Add it all up and 60s + wind + water, don't provide a great guest experience.

Is there a point in constantly pointing out weather-related closures? Guest safety and experience are number 1 priority and inclement weather is probable on a peninsula jutting out into a lake from time to time.

Now I see. I thought the new pavilion was Cedar Point Shores.

Skyride is running. The lot seems fairly empty but the main midway seems bustling.

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Global warming....where is it when you need it?

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I thought the new pavilion was Cedar Point Shores.

CoasterHawk I'm intrigued.

What's your history with Cedar Point? What interests you and what do you like to follow? As you currently understand it what's the parks current configuration and function?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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