weather on memorial weekend

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I see they are calling for Isolated T-storms. I don't like the sound of this. Yuck. I love it when the sun is cooking. I know it could be totally wrong considering weather by sandusky bay changes without notice. One time it was supposed to be rainy the whole day and not a drop fell. I'm just crossing my fingers. Anyone have a prediction?

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I'm sure we'll see some rain. I'm actually hoping for overcast skies Sunday and Monday to keep the crowds away.

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Average high temperatures in Sandusky range from the mid 60's in early May to the low 80's in July and down into the mid 50's in October. July and August are fairly dry months. HalloWeekends weather in October can be anything from warm and sunny to just plain cold (with a little ice thrown in for good measure!).

There's my prediction.

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Ride on, MrScott!

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pleaaaase no I don't want rain. Please no; I no like rain. I'll melt

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