Weather during halloweekends

Do they have parameters. Later in the season for temps and adverse weather. We have reservations oct. 27-28. Wondering what the park does if temps are really low and /or crappy weather. Some back up plan suggestions.

500ft. For 2020. 146 and counting.

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For safety, some rides will shut down or reduce capacity in precipitation which includes snow. Some rides, especially coasters are impacted by cold and high winds as well because both contribute to slower run times. The full inclement weather policy can be found on Cedar Point's website. If rides do shut down, know that Cedar Point does not issue rain checks or refunds for weather.

However rest assured that Cedar Point will not close unless there is extremely severe weather that literally knocks power out. All of the Haunts should still run regardless of the weather and they will do what they can to keep as many rides running as possible open though some may have reduced trains for rain or to ensure they can have enough weight in the trains with the cold and wind.

As RCMAC mentioned, it rained on and off last year on closing day with temps in the mid 40s. However I know most rides were able to run that day at some point. Even Giant Wheel, which cannot run in any rain and takes some time after the rain stops to dry its platform and drive rails.

This is also Ohio where it is possible for it to be 70 and sunny closing weekend (or for Winter Chill Out).

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Back up plan?
Get out your crystal ball and plan your trip for another time if necessary?
Shop? Eat? Drink? Hang out at your hotel? Ride Cedar Downs, Matterhorn, and Himalaya all day?

We went on the last day of the 16 season, where it was cold, raining, and miserable. We left disappointed, but knowing we’d come back another time.

If you want to know what the park might do to spoil your trip, all I know is in the event of inclement weather sometimes rides run, sometimes they don’t.

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