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We are planning a trip around the end of May/beginning of June. I see on weather forecast the average temperature is High in the low 70's and the low is in the high 50's. Sounds like it will be nice during the day but may get a little cold for me at night. Does the breeze off the water make it feel colder? I'm trying to determine what to pack. I will probably bring options but for those of you who have been this time of year, what do you suggest to wear for a full day at the park?

Is the brew and BBQ worth participating in? Can you walk through the event without purchasing tickets? Can you try the Cedar Point related Brews elsewhere in the park?

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My best suggestion as far as weather goes, I would keep an eye on the forecast as the time approaches, and pack accordingly. When checking the weather, I actually use Marblehead, as it is generally more accurate for the park than Sandusky.

As far as Brew and BBQ, yes you can walk through it without participating in the event, although the event is very much worth participating in. I bought a ticket last year, despite the fact that I wasn't of age yet, and still greatly enjoyed the food. I'm unsure if you can find the CP brews elsewhere in the park, although your best bet would probably be the Trail Tavern.

Lash -

As Sam stated check the weather closer to your arrival.

This time of year the morning will be chilly. Even colder when riding roller coasters. My suggestion is to wear layers. I was fine with a thin fleece pull over, a light jacket on top, and shorts. As the day warmed up I went back to the car and removed one or both layers and was comfortable.

I liked Brew & BBQ. The selection of beer was amazing and the BBQ was good and filling. The band was amazing playing a country version of Magic Carpet Ride. Buy your tickets online to save some money as they cost more in the park.

Famous Dave's BBQ at the marina had the Rougarou beer.

diggerg56 -

Brew and BBQ was absolutely worth it, in fact I did it twice last year. I'm sure I'll do it again the day after Coastermania this year.

Jake10 -

Is there a separate ticket for Brew & BBQ or can u just use your Season/platinum pass like usual and still participate in the event?

samosuband -

Park admission and Brew and BBQ admission are separate. So if you have a season/platinum pass, you'll still need to buy the Brew and BBQ event ticket.

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Keep in mind weather is very variable that time of year. A quick storm can pop up out out if nowhere. If you are staying off site keep options in the car or better yet just spring for a locker since your time is limited. Mid park is best as it is a long walk from one end to the other.

I usually carry a supply of the Walmart Ozark Fail $.97 Emergency Rain Ponchos in my pockets. They take up little room and being wet AND cold is unpleasant. Used them Friday night at Kings Island, need to get more.

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