Visiting May 12th

I used to be a huge Cedar Point fan from 2009-2012... platinum pass, all that. But after having a few more kids I haven't been in 5 years :( looking for some insight.

Weather permitting, I want to visit on Friday, May 12th; I want to ride everything as much as possible. I will only be visiting this one time this year, I need to make it count :)

Is the "Admission with Fast Lane Plus" the way to go? I liked to eat at the Famous Daves on the pier so I don't need any meal/drink packages.

Cargo Shorts -

Will you be staying at a Cedar Fair property?

Kyle2145 -

No. Just driving in, in the a.m. I don't live that far away.

Lash -

Wait until you're at the park and judge the crowds before buying fastlane.

If I remember correctly Famous Dave's will take the parking fee off your bill is you spend $25.00 or more on food (drinks not included).

Kyle2145 -

I like the idea of judging the crowds before purchasing. If I do buy ahead of time though, how do the mechanics of getting the Fast Lane passes work now? Before you got bracelets at the park just before the park opened, is it still the same?

Is the "Admission with Fast Lane Plus" the best way to ensure I hit everything, multiple times?

Lash -

If you purchase ahead of time, print the receipt and redeem for the wristband at guest services.

Fastlane+ will guarantee multiple rides unless the ride is broken.

Jake10 -

Get your admission ticket along with fast lane plus (ahead) of time, and print the vouchers for each from your home.

1) saves time waiting line at the ticket booth
2) gets you into the park faster
3) and it's cheaper online

Captain Hawkeye -

I've never been to CP on a Friday in May, but every Friday with decent weather in June, July or August that I've been to has been between "busy" & "packed." Which is why I avoid Fridays now.

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