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Captain Bob's avatar show off some vintage Cedar Point photos. Still glad I got my one ride on the Jumbo Jet in 1978.

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Great photos!

I remember how excited I was the year I was finally tall enough to ride Jumbo Jet.

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Nice to see the two figures in the tower on the Bayern Curve again. Not sure if I've seen a photo of them since then. I liked how they bobbed up an down.

That Jumbo Jet shot is interesting. It may be the one that ran at Cedar Point, but in that picture it's clearly not at Cedar Point.
I wonder where their Jumbo Jet came from. Jersey Shore somewhere?

It's not its current location in Belarus either! It's probably from when it was in Maine or in Sweden.

I'm pretty sure that they bought it from Morgan Hughes, it's likely a file shot from his catalog.Probably not even the one that he sold to the park.

Look how dressed up everyone is in the first photo of the Caterpillar ride -- a different time when people dressed up for places. In fact the gentleman is actually wearing a tie.

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