Video: Cedar Point 1976 and 1979

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Footage of Cedar Point from 1976 and 1979. There's no sound, but you don't often see this level of quality in Cedar Point video from that era.

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Awesome video Walt, thanks for sharing. Cool to see some old rides that I vaguely remember from childhood (Earthquake and Mill Race) and some I never got to see (Jumbo Jet and Shoot the Rapids).

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Great video, thanks for sharing! I like the lettering on the front of Blue Streak; "The Blue Streak". Notice how dark the wood structure of Mine Ride is, now it looks much drier & faded. Also, at the 2:00 minute mark, I saw a cigarette machine by Mine Ride. A person could enjoy a Lucky Strike or Pall Mall in public those days. I bet they were about 40 cents a pack.

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That is my childhood and the Cedar Point I remember. I miss the old Blue Streak trains and the Frontier Lift. I wonder what it would be like to visit that Cedar Point in today's world. Might be a bit like visiting Waldameer.

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That is indeed my childhood memory of Cedar Point. A simpler, quieter time, too. I realize things must change, and today's Cedar Point will be someone else's childhood memory in 30 years. Too bad my daughters (now early teenish) never believe me when I tell them what CP was like when I was a kid!

Thanks for sharing, Walt--great quality!

There was a game at Cedar Point called the Cigarette Game. It was near Fascination and was the one where the players could put one or more quarters on their choice of various colors on boards around the rail. A multi-faceted ball with the same colors was thrown into the ring. If your quarter was on the color that came up on the ball you won the prize, which was a pack of cigarettes. I’m not making this up.

When we were running low on smokes my roommate and I would gather up our change and try to win. I found that the pink or the beige seemed to come up most often and I’d win a lot. Cigs for a quarter in ‘74.

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The Sky Ride station looked so much better dark brown than it does now.

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Did anyone else notice how the Frontiertown cars are running in the opposite direction compared to nowadays (4:32)? How strange, anyone know why they reversed direction?

It's all fun and games until mom drops the kid from Cedar Downs.

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