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Can anyone tell me, whose already ridden it, if the vest restraints on Valravn tighten throughout the ride like Gatekeeper does (YES, it still does it. NO, they did not fix it the year after it opened; I rode it in August)

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The restraints on gatekeeper seem a lot better now than 2013 to me

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The vests on Gatekeeper do not lock like they did, that WAS fixed over the course of the first season.

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The vests on both Gatekeeper and Valravn are fine. I don't find any discomfort in them at all.

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The vests are free moving....but the lap bar part may tighten still, due to forces, but i havent had a problem with that. Glad they went with the vests instead of those hard OTSR's!

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Hear hear. I swear the makers of those things have an under the table deal with Tylenol.

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Gatekeeper has been fixed. After the first season, the vests have been very comfortable. Sometimes I wonder if I am riding a different coaster than some of you are. I love the vest restraints and I consider them to be the most comfortable restraints I have ever experienced except for maybe Timberliners. I have not made it to the park yet this year, but I have heard that Valravn's do not lock and that you get a very great falling sensation when hanging over the drop and when going through the roll.

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I think there was already a thread or discussion on this. However, at the brakes before the station when they abruptly stop and start you multiple times I flew forward in my seat with no resistance whatsoever.

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