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How many of you are using the same screen names from the old CP Place? I am using my same name, and Im wondering if anyone changed their screen name. It would be helpful to know what names the old CP Place members picked.
I kept the old one.
Well, when I signed up for my account, I wasn't thinking that name means screen name. So, if it works like I now think it will, I was Pete and now I'm Pete Babic.
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Scratch that, I just found the delete account function. So, now I'm back to just Pete. Same as the old site.
Yea thats what I was thinking at first. I didn't know if it wanted my real name or my screen name. Luckly I put in CoasterChuckey.
Same one.
Wallyworld reporting for duty!!!
AnimalsRule is here...wondering what ever happend to

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I kept my old one too!!!!

Welcome back Raptor riders-
how was your flight??
Its still Dave.... cheeseonastick
I kept my same one!
Same old, Same old!
Me too.
CPDave is still here, though I was sorely tempted to change.
As was I, but I decided to keep it.
Plus I am the only one who plans to make Paddlewheel Excursion my first ride at CP after Millennium Force in 2000. I am also thinking of doing what Dan and LuvRaptor did, only with PE. I don't know if that will just be stupid or fun though. Most people only ride it one time a season.
AKA: bodyin thewaterball fountain.

Paddlewheel Excursions: 12
Jokes on PE: 120
Slight change - used to be ripcordgirl
GOT to stay with AKA_john_miller. Much of what we enjoy in 'coasters was developed by him, and, he was from my town, Homewood, Illinois.
I love Paddlewheel excurions. I rode it alteast 20 times this past season. Then again eveything close to magnum I rode a lot this past season.

Daniel J. Haverlock
'99 Magnum Count: 801
Is it May yet?
PGH7of9 - Tertiary adjunct of Unimatrix CP

Have a pleasant day!

Pittsburgh, PA
Still Mantomatic :)

And still tryin to decide if MF will be the first
ride of the season, or if I'll stick to the traditon
of Mantis (since it opened)

Jeff Tobe

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