US6 Improvements Upcoming

US6 will be getting some major improvements soon, including the installation of several roundabouts.

"It’ll occur along a 6-mile stretch between Sycamore Line (U.S. 250) in Sandusky and Rye Beach Road in Huron.


More specifically, the funds call for extending the Sandusky Bay Pathway and replacing five intersections with roundabouts. This would include a crossing at East Perkins Avenue where it slopes by Osborn MetroPark."

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Looking at the map, They're adding 5 roundabouts to Rt6, but not one at the Cedar Point Dr intersection? Did they cancel that plan?

I must be blind - where did you find the map showing the round-a-boots?

on CPFoodBlog's twitter:

and nevermind on my question, he says right on the page:

'this is separate from Rt 6/Cedar Point Rd roundabout previously discussed'

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^Thanks for the link. I've been looking for a visual representation of this proposal, but hadn't seen one until now. Trying to figure out where they would place 5 different roundabouts has been taxing my brain. I figured Camp and Perkins would be two of them (still can't fathom how a Perkins roundabout will look with the RR right there as well).

I am also curious what the widening from Rye Beach to Camp will look like. I assume that would not only allow room for the bike path, but would it also expand to a four lane roadway or just add a turning lane (or both)? I am having a hard time visualizing that stretch as four/five lanes of traffic, but 20 years ago route 250 was mostly just two lanes from the turnpike to route 2 - so I suppose it is possible.

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Forget possible TTD removal. Does this mean there will be a removal of Maples? After all, they offer Zenith color TV!

Slightly west of CP Sports Park the bike path appears to do a zig-zag. I wonder if that is a location where it will have to cross Rt. 6.

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I don't think the zig-zag is 'crossing' 6; the bike path is most likely going to run on the north side of 6 through that entire stretch from Rye Beach Road and that zig-zag is just where is departs from 6 to take a different route slightly further north. It won't cross 6 since it is already on the north side of the road. That zig looks like maybe it breaks off onto E. Shoreway Drive adjacent to the KOA campground then it will probably run just south of those apartment buildings and just behind the Mecca Motel and continue along the edge of the gated residential community off of Remington that is tucked behind Star Lanes and Castaway Bay.

Proud to have fathered a second generation coaster enthusiast destined to keep me young at heart and riding coasters with a willing partner into my golden years!

Happy at how much more accepted roundabouts seem to be getting since seriously, newly built roundabouts aren't hard to use at all and I don't know why people kvetch about them. (The ones in New England that are like 7/8ths of a circle around a town square with nonintuitive entrances and exits on the other hand...)

Surprised they're not putting one in at the Chaussee entrance, though that could be both partly because it already has that weird split intersection to it, and also partly because I think there's still been a desire to draw as little attention to the Chaussee as possible from the US 6 side for the sake of the folks living along it.

And for Perkins I figure the roundabout is going to end up being almost tangent to the existing path of US 6, because there's no way to have it straight on without getting into the railroad alignment and the railroad ain't budging.

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Roundabouts are great, and they also point out just how inept some people are at operating a vehicle.

I was traveling through a roundabout on my route home, and as I was making my way 'round, a car came flying into the circle in front of me, forcing me to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting her. I slammed on the horn as well, which caused the offending driver to also stop, throwing up her hands in a "WTF is your problem" pose. As she was shaking her fists at me in fury, I could see that in one hand she had a stack of papers of some sort, in the other was her phone. And somehow I was the A-hole from her perspective.

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But you haven't lived until you have negotiated a few roundabouts in Tijuana......

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^^Brandon, we will be certain to look for your "go-pro" video of the incident on one of those You-Tube "Karen Freak-Out" postings.

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Mr. Jeff, if this is not allowed please remove it.

I want to offer a shameless plug for a business along Rt.6 just west of the Sports Park. It is a small family store owned & operated by some of the nicest people, Sandusky residents Curtis & Sheri. It is Clofts General Store located adjacent to the KOA Campground entrance. They recently came to a relationship with Tofts to serve their ice cream. Clofts & Tofts!

So, if the roundabouts are frustrating, or if you need any General Store items, or have a hankering for Tofts, please stop in.

Dutchman said:

But you haven't lived until you have negotiated a few roundabouts in Tijuana......

I drove the roundabout at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris... Bring it on. ;) It was on my bucket list for my Paris trip as well as riding the Eurostar to London.

It's so insane that your auto insurance splits it 50/50. My rental car had a separate rider if I drove within 1km of it.

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